Control by Force

If I was told years ago that we will have a socialist government that will force our country into jeopardy of multiple systematic collapse, I would have asked what science fiction novel they were reading. It’s disturbing how this has become reality. Now I’m looking over my shoulder for time travelers and the dead to rise.

I have an agenda that I haven’t made public until now. If the system is going to stay on its present course, then I want it to fail. I’ve wanted that since I was a young teenager. So far, the rational people haven’t been able to subjugate the design and it’s unfolded as predicted. When I began high school, I went through an intellectual growth. Logic, purpose and reality fascinated me. Everything snapped into place and I could see little pieces forming the big picture. I concluded that orderly social systems exist when there is threat of force to curb disobedient behavior. Mankind is a violent species and we’re capable of horrible acts against our own. So, a government maintains control by having a greater potential force than its public. Good men can govern themselves but a system must be in place to enforce the obedient cohesion of others. If villainous men have responsibility of this task, then we’re at the mercy of the will of their secrets.

All the branches of the military, the coast guard, the state/county/city police, and other respective agencies are loyal to the rule of law as set by their governing hierarchies. Therefore, they are instruments of force and used by whom they’re loyal to for keeping control. Our government and social order has survived as long as it has because its governing forces are so strong, they go unopposed. This is something we can be proud of, but it’s the laws they’re enforcing that concern us.

This system is very simple and effective but susceptible to the will of fallible men. Political hierarchies are often populated by the ambitious and broken. When they are tempted, they fault and the purpose of that system is subverted. We’ve seen the effects of this forever. Historically, an unchecked government will hoard freedoms, money and resources. The people that seek to rule instead of lead are the ones that shouldn’t. There are exceptions of rare people but the ruling commoner is broken and corrupt while the modest human will seldom accept the responsibility to lead. There is a difference between controlling and leading, honor bound people can distinguish it. They do as to others as they would have done unto them.

Our Constitution was written while considering these blemishes in human nature. It was designed to limit the authority of government and what they can decide for their subjects. It supplies the people their freedom of choice. Gradually, the government has grown and ignored more of this valuable document. As a result, the people of this nation become hindered by an increasing number of federal laws; backed by a seemingly un-opposable aggregate of enforcement agencies. Just as a corporation is broken up when it becomes too big to fail, the same must be done with America. Our government has become the enemy of choice and their forces are strong, but they are human. As long as the primary forces are loyal to the people of the nation and not its corrupt executives, we can dismantle the machine. They must become obedient to the founding rule of law or the people will use assets loyal to The Constitution against the deviated leadership.

The first order of change is to throw out the “practice” of law and the enemies of truth that have infiltrated our legal system. Honorable men will have a firm grasp on justice if all information is brought into the light; there’s no moral reason for this competition of hiding truths. Full disclosure must be allowed in the courtroom to bring justice back to the judiciary system and restore the peoples’ faith in leadership.

The second order of change is to build an enforcement agency whose purpose is to enforce the tenets of The Constitution. The sheriffs can’t do it alone. We require an enforcement authority that restricts government from inflicting disloyal acts, bills, and other regulations upon us, by threat of force. This agency will not be run under the federal government. This was an early failure in our nation because a document can’t serve its purpose unless it’s enforced.

The third order of change is to plan an immediate and graceful reinstatement of The Constitution and all properly ratified amendments. And we will have no federal income tax because it has always been a bad idea. And our government will adhere to the powers we let them have or there will be conflict resulting in losses.


-Jeremy Edward Dion

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