Lasers, Religion, and Tyranny!

It would be creepy to think of a weapon that is silent, 100% optically accurate, has an amazing range, can instantly cover said distance to track a rapidly moving target, an infinite ammo supply, and can burn holes through modern armor. Well, that’s just what the engineers at Raytheon have created and I’m sure it’s for sale. Welcome to the era of lasers; the age of high-tech war. You read it correctly, lasers.

I expect countermeasures against laser technology could be electrical in nature, like EMP attacks on the emitter if you can find it. A defense might be a high durability reflector shielding and some atmospheric tampering. I’m certain that because their laser technology is weaponized, it is probably shielded for types of external electrical sabotage. But with a weapon of this type, there is currently little that can be done to defend against it. It’s also extremely difficult to track the attack origin, even during its use. I’m sure it has a hell of a heat signature so thermal tracking and imaging systems would help. This is a weapon for assassins on an international scale. Sure, they show this weapon in a defensive deployment shooting down invading aircraft but you know they really want to strap it to airborne assets and fry some villages. If you ever want to just wipe out a small village of pesky Africans holding up oil production in that region, you just attach this thing to an aircraft, and ZAP, instant genocide. You can always blame it on a tyrannical dictator or the sun and a kid with a magnifying glass.

I can only see how this could be used for nefarious purposes. Nothing good can come from a weaponized laser in the possession of anyone; especially a government. The U.S. is possibly the most ridiculously hypocritical and exploited nation when it comes to foreign policy. We get what we want or else we start pushing buttons and loading rifles. I’m willing to bet we’ll see a rise in spontaneous human combustion incidents. “It must be the sun; global warming!” Nope. We’ll be cooking them like thanksgiving turkeys with our radical new toy.

History has proven that even God chooses the winning side. God is always on our side; go USA. It’s brainwashing; we’re no better than those psychos that believe they’ll get into their version of heaven because of martyrdom. I retract that; we are better because we have lasers now. It’s like those little Aztec guys throwing their spears at the landing alien spacecrafts. At any given time, the alien craft could wipe out the whole Aztec spear-chucking existence but then there would be no one left to worship their greatness. So, they just cook a quarter of their population. (Teach them a lesson.) With that type of technology there is no competition. The U.S. will do whatever it wants because it can use an invisible force greater than any other on the planet. Welcome to a new age of tyranny, just like the old age. We’re all still so savage that we have to upset the balance of power that never really existed to begin with; we just tell them it does.

Massive behavioral control is almost an autonomous event and the first thing a populous will do to stabilize for cohesion. Let’s quickly consider religion (the first leash for social cohesion). A religions’ effectiveness is relative to the region and culture of the target audience. You wouldn’t introduce Hindu to people whose most abundant food source is cattle. I also thought it was stupid to venture deep into the jungle to find tribes of dark-skinned people and try to convince them that the earthly personification of God was light-skinned. The stupid voice in their head was steady chanting “Onward, Christian soldier!” Their ineptitude is staggering. Don’t you think it’s odd that every cultural religious sect personifies their deity into their own likeness? It’s more successful that way. It’s all about controlling populations harboring resources, even if the missionaries themselves don’t know it. Again, it works better this way.

All religious and political differences aside, Middle Easterners have every right to be angry with Americans. Think about this logically with behavioral analysis. If you’re a young man living in a technologically deficient region of a planet whose wonders you’ll never get to see because people you’ll never meet restrict you from leaving, you’d be a little angry and looking for someone to direct it toward. Then the Americans arrive with their high-tech gadgetry and attitudes. They infiltrate your country to pillage its resources and show no common respect while moving from town to town killing whomever they deem necessary. You find out a few of your cousins or even an immediate family member was killed by trespassing Americans. (If you now realize their anger is justified, then you still have a conscience. They also lack the ability to resist us and that’s also very frustrating.) To continue, a few influential types approach you and twist your current religious translation into a spiritual pursuit for justice. BAM! With a little religious realignment (motivational brainwashing), you’ve arrived at “martyrdom” as a solution to all your problems.

That wasn’t so difficult. Now your reply might be, “O.M.G.! Are you a sympathizer?” Yes. I’m a sympathizer because I’m a humanist. I understand people and behavior and I have a heart and analyze events logically! I see the wrongdoing and refuse to dismiss it. I analyze situations and adjust behavior to assist toward a more positive outcome. I’m compassionate toward people that have been exploited but I have little tolerance for selfish individuals with behavioral problems that don’t make an effort to produce positive results.

The brainwashed are usually always victimized by the same culture because no one knows them better. It’s a logical and global scheme for control. How do you think these evangelical Christian fakes on television get low-income saps to send portions of their already tax-reduced paychecks? In the hierarchy of intellect, there’s plenty more dumbbells than geniuses. The famous geniuses use their intellect to aid or exploit faults within society; some are compassionate while others are malevolent, but neither escape notoriety. Anybody can be a nitwit of ample charisma and gain followers susceptible of being convinced to ingest poisoned Kool-Aid. But it takes an individual of character, intelligence and compassion to truly aid mankind.

So; yes, I have a suspicion that the U.S. will use this newly weaponized laser technology for its own selfish gain, as usual. Instead of modifying her behavior to peacefully coexist with the rest of the planet, America will openly trespass into all who say NO. I have witnessed the development of this nations’ tyrannical disposition over the past nineteen years. It’s simply the effects of a government administration populated by oil tycoons. Remember, it’s not capitalism if there’s price-fixing. Who holds all the cards? It’s certainly not the people in the sand with rifles. It’s the people in the meetings with pencils.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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