Hostile Trespassers

This illegal alien issue is bothering me. I’ve recently been researching our current abilities and methods for dealing with U.S. border-jumping trespassers and our lack of control is shameful. The CBP is doing an excellent job for their numbers but they aren’t sufficient for keeping the violent elements from spilling into the U.S. We pay our military personnel for doing whatever they’re doing, regardless of where they’re doing it, so why aren’t some doing it here by helping to build physical defenses to keep out the highly militarized cartels from spreading their influence into the U.S.? We have OTM’s (other than Mexican) crossing our southwestern border, armed with whatever and intending to do who knows what and where. The President is just now becoming familiar to the reality of the trespassing situation but he has shown to be ineffective. Obama has a lot on his plate but he probably believes himself to be nothing more than a figurehead while an oligarchy rules from behind him. This is certainly more true than not.

The lack of focus on our border has me thinking there may be intent to slowly dissolve our sovereignty. This would bring Mexico with all her problems into the U.S., thus opening the door to removing border policies with Canada and then we’ll all be owned by some distant crown. It’s a wild concern but we must persist to make sure that never happens. There is, of course, the talk of a North American Union and the Amero. So, as wild a thought we believe it to be that our sovereignty could dissolve, we must be on guard against energies that push to see it happen; because they are out there.

Our constitution was designed to keep small groups from making grand decisions without the permission of the rest of us. We have let our republic get trampled too much already. It’s been accelerated by adopting central banking models which have bankrupted nations and property owners many times over. Sure, select corporations have thrived, but we can’t all be in the investment class & attending those price-fixing meetings. Someone has got to keep the world turning as history repeats itself.

Keeping illegal aliens from exploiting our good-natured economic hospitality should be top priority if we’re to recover from this monetary low zone. There are hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens anchoring our recovery efforts. Others have been caught and detained. They can’t help that they’re imprisoned, but we’re still footing the bill for their room and board.

Honestly, I could care less how much it costs to incarcerate people or however many people are running around exploiting government services. I have enough skills to make whatever is needed for me to live comfortably. However, we cannot tolerate the hostile trespass of violent persons coming here to deal drugs, arms and people; as well as, influence local government with threats and blackmail to get their way. We need to declare war on the militarized cartel and gangs that bring their murderous activities into our U.S. towns. It is the responsibility of every American to protect their own and we demand the right to bear arms anywhere we might be confronted by this threat. Unequivocal safety isn’t achievable but survival favors preparedness.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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