Logic of God, Existence, Design & Time

If there is any purpose to action then there is intelligence. If there is intelligence then there is a greater intelligence.

We look around to see life creating structure and living in purpose. Because there are plans and purpose, there must be intelligence to set these actions in motion. If intelligence is just a value, then there is a hierarchy for those values. There is always a smarter entity than you. So the entity at the top has the greater intelligence, and arguably, the greater purpose. Because of the limitations of our form, we can only become so intelligent. Or we can only increase our intelligence at a rate or to a degree of capacity until our form wastes and dies. So the most intelligent form may not exist in human or physical form. An intelligent entity that exists without mass, as we know it, is a ghost. A ghost (massless intelligent entity) is the product of what we refer to as the spirit. The spirit would have to be designed by an entity of significantly superior intelligence. And that entity is what many refer to as God.

It can be argued that there can be no intelligence without form. And so it is decided that form is the limiting factor for the value of an entity’s intelligence. No human can claim to know the truth of these matters because of the limitations of their form. So, like in the hierarchy of intelligence, there would have to be a hierarchy of form. The superior form would also be superior in intelligence and purpose. But there is purpose before there is form. A child will have a purpose before it is conceived. So does that child not have intelligence before it has form? Assumingly, it wasn’t the decision of the child (itself) to be born but it was designed from combining data from its creator/s. Does a computer process data before we program it to? No. But we created that computer and it is limited by its form in what it can do or process. If we smash a computer, its knowledge is lost to itself. That is how we designed it; it’s no longer intelligent and was likely never self-aware. Humans are a much better design and we have the ability to create more of our kind. Our programming is far superior (biological computing) and billions of times more complex. And it is our intelligence that knows the computer has purpose; not the intelligence of the computer. This is the hierarchy of intelligent existence.

An entity cannot create a form that is intrinsically more intelligent than itself. But forms can be created that have the capacity to become more intelligent than its creator/s. It is the environment which shapes the future forms of intelligent beings. Human beings interact and react to the environment to learn the design of their confinement. So if an entity doesn’t materially exist yet but already has purpose and its form is strictly from the design of its creator/s, then where does its intelligent self-awareness spring from? Is this the soul?

Our sciences explain the “How” by discovery of the DNA memory combinations that create new entities but it can’t explain the “Why”. No other human should be able to explain the “Why” either. We can’t claim to know the “Grand Purpose” because our form limits the capacity to our comprehension. Perhaps we are vessels for part of all knowledge. That’s like dividing infinity amongst the entire population, as long as the population was infinite (living, dead and not yet created). Because we have form, we don’t have a percentage of the infinite knowledge, we merely have an increasing amount of intelligence.

It’s likely that time is the difference of change between knowledge we had Then to Now. Therefore, information is formless and time is a conceptual perception only because we have form.

-Jeremy Edward Dion