Military Mercenary Murderers

This was written in response to the information made available at the Collateral Murder web site.

There they are, flying around in their helicopters, removed from any possible threat of a battle that doesn’t even exist yet. They see weapons in the hands of civilians because they want to. They have a bloodlust and yet are in no danger while up in their safe roving bird. They want to engage the “elements”. You see, they have to dehumanize their target. Otherwise, they might feel compassion toward the little ants they’re about to burn with the magnifying glass. The obscene unfairness of this chaotic negligent slaughter makes me sick to be affiliated as an American with this trash. I curse these murderers for their crimes. This isn’t a war. The only reason why they have ground units is to make it look like they harbor a care about these people. Obviously, it’s a different disposition from a cockpit. The crewman would have torched the whole area if they were instructed to, or rather allowed to. They’re mercenaries, robots, with no conscience or care for human life. They can’t (or don’t want to) make decisions for themselves. They employ a lengthy bureaucratic method of distributing responsibility by asking permission to engage instead of using best judgment. They look for any and every reason to kill any movement they encounter. As would be expected in war, if you were a fucking monster! They ask someone else, who doesn’t even have “eyes-on” if they can engage, but the decision is based on the intelligence from the bloodthirsty trigger men.

You have to have physical “eyes-on” the target to confirm they are indeed a combatant. Then anyone just walking by a suspected armed element is guilty by proximity and also a combatant. Do you realize the level of dehumanization here? This is near Nazism. A combatant is pretty fucking difficult to determine from a goddamn helicopter unless you see posturing or muzzle flash. As if that’s not enough; with no regard for human life, let’s fire a few rockets into a building with an unknown number of individuals inside and civilians outside in the strike zone. Are these pilots on drugs?! Is the whole fucking chain of command insane? Strip them of all their fucking bars and stars! Asking permission to fire!? Consider that if you have to ask permission, maybe you shouldn’t even fucking be there.

Having a roving intelligence service high in the sky is one thing, but using the cannons and missiles is quite another. There wasn’t even a doubt about engaging when they mistook a camera for an RPG. That’s because they don’t fucking care, that’s just a loophole to open fire. The U.S. reminds me of the Russians when they invaded the Afghan border. We grossly out-class the opponents we choose. It’s a disgusting slaughter. It’s a show and scam to keep government contracts alive in a dwindling economy that’s constantly borrowing. The murdering is beyond control and every single active military agent is now classified a mercenary and could be on trial for murder. Nice going American military, you destroyed any honorable reputation we may have felt we had.

It is guilt by association though; right? That’s our engagement policy!? “That’s what you get for bringing your kid to a battle.” Fuck you. There was no battle until you engaged, and then it wasn’t even a battle, it was a one-way butchering. All of you military branches are responsible for continuing this holocaust. You just keep following orders and doing what you’re told, or you’re willing to kill anyone you want in a sovereign nations’ public. Did it even cross your peon brains that maybe their culture is built from arming and protecting their own, as is also the origin of our culture!? It’s ridiculous how we can’t comprehend why they persist to hate the U.S. Look at what we’ve done (and are doing) to their land, culture, and families. They’re people! They don’t look, talk, or worship like us, but they’re human beings that deserve their own hole of the world to exist in.

Anyone who ever attacked us is fucking dead. Boom; they paid the ultimate price. Or perhaps it was a series of black flag operations to win public opinion. Either way, why are we going over there to attack them!? “It’s a precautionary measure to ensure terrorism doesn’t reach us first.” That’s fucking bullshit. We allow them to penetrate our borders in droves! It’s not infiltration we fear. It’s greed we embrace, plain and simple. We’re riddled with sin. We are the demons and we deserve everything coming to us. Profit is to be made from war-like activity. “Searching for Terrorists” is a load of groupthink brainwashing. “Preventative Measures.” LIES. Fuck prevention. Prevention is the road to oppression. We’re an armed nation; I would hope. If anyone comes to threaten our way of life, we’d fight too. But we have no business traipsing over the lands of the Earth “searching for terrorist bastards!” Terrorists are only terrorists if you’re scared of them. I’m not scared of people halfway around the globe! Nor would I be scared of them if they were outside my state or at any other distance. People have to commit crimes to be criminals, just as terrorists have to commit terrifying crimes to become terrorists. I never feared any of that because it was never a valid threat. Why is it that I fear my government more than I fear terrorism? What the fuck does that say about me or my fellow Americans!? Don’t fear the Act; fear the policy that produces it. We must abolish the oppressive policies that entangle our minds.

Nothing good will ever come from slaughtering people. As soon as we employ methods that lack respect for human life, then we’ve become less than what we’re trying to fight. You cannot have pilots confirming ground elements as carrying weapons. You must have physical “eyes-on”. And when you see a vehicle of “elements” engaged in a medical action (collecting the wounded), you cannot open fire. That’s compassion in progress. You fired on the compassionate human element and also wounded children. The U.S. military has broken so many really good laws with their “proximity” engagement policies. What a joke! Rules of engagement don’t even apply to mass murder. This is all made up as they go. This is just one of many occurrences that we know about. If they could streamline the process to ethnic cleansing policies, they would. Yes, I am comparing the U.S. military to Nazis. And now, we’re embracing communist ideals and social slavery!

There is a dangerous lack of critical thinking and common sense amongst the U.S. citizenship. I feel I have an immeasurable amount of slack to pick up when I speak out with thoughts on these issues. So I write as if there is no limit to my conviction condemning these blatant murderous practices. I don’t have enough time to write what really needs to be said. Nor do I have the freedom to protect me to do so anymore.

I, Jeremy Edward Dion, hereby charge the United States Military and associated committees with gross negligence, abuse of power, performing atrocities against humanity, and destructive misrepresentation of its public. U.S. Government, at any federal level, has no authority to exercise a control action against any individual outside its borders. Nor shall we recognize agents of federal government as capable of exercising said authority against sovereign States of America. The District of Columbia is merely a landmark and shall not impose any authority over States of America, and certainly no authority over the individuals it fails to represent.

-Jeremy Edward Dion