Dolphin Slaughter Festival

And the seas will turn red. The irony is laughable, this has been happening for a long time now. It’s just gotten popular enough to spread the word. These festival participants will all die in a justifiable cataclysmic event. When slaughter becomes autonomous like a well oiled machine as it has with this festival, it’s easy to see the cruelty. The message is simply amplified with this mass slaughter. It’s just as cruel to torture, mutilate, and execute detainees/prisoners like the Nazis did and USA does. Mankind, as a conglomerate, is capable of extraordinary things but we’re also capable of atrocities like this. This type of discriminate genocide among dolphins could be compared to say … just slaughtering the Jews. Human or Dolphin; what’s the difference? It’s the same mental process with similar physical exertion. We’re all animals but it’s our supposedly superior human intellect and capacity for advancement that sets us apart from the beasts of the planet. I see no intelligence in slaughtering creatures to feel accepted into the groupthink adulthood. That’s just childish. Senseless violent action is such a base primal practice. The bathing in the blood reminds me of Saturnalia type sacrifice and worship.

I understand that Denmark is a large fishing industry and all these twats have to bathe in the blood of their prey to eradicate any lingering compassion for life. They have to make a living just like anyone else, albeit an entangled one. For these Denmark folks, the adult life of living the subservient lie starts with the ceremonial sacrifice of these creatures. They don’t want to try to free themselves from a system that enslaves them anymore. They just give in and accept it. If public ceremonial human sacrifice without cause wasn’t frowned upon, they would be killing their own; then they’d really become adults! Instead, they settle for sacrificing these “lesser” mammals. If I’m going to kill something, it’s to eat it, remove it from misery, or it’s attempting to harm me or another. Call it what you will but murder is still murder. It’s all the same; we just give it different names: War, Terrorism, Homicide, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Abortion, Mass Murder, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Etc. In my opinion, if you express a violent nature then you must expect violent reaction.

I’m a realist with common sense and a skill for accurately placing responsibility. If you’re the cause for something to stop living, then you murdered it. And don’t try to use that “supply meets demand” excuse to transfer responsibility. Perhaps if an individual wants to eat another creature, they should catch, kill, and prepare it themselves. Jeffrey Dahmer had to catch his own prey. When we’re too lazy or weak to do things ourselves then we pay others to do them for us. Society creates industries for those activities and then protects that structure by enacting laws to prohibit or make it costly for the individual to do it their self. Therefore, not being responsible for ourselves produces a loss of freedoms. It also produces a class of individual that thinks they need to slaughter creatures to become an adult.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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