Plan for Tomorrow

You can’t achieve a future of your own design if you don’t make preparations for it to exist. You have to visualize the future to facilitate its possibility. I’ve been neglecting to visualize my future. Things don’t just happen; you have to make them happen. At least for me, I have to make them happen.

When I was a child I would see myself as an adult. I never thought about what it would take to become what I visualized. So, I never made the preparations to overcome those prerequisites. I wasn’t lied to about how things work; I just couldn’t decipher the double-talk. I blame the early liberals. But when I finally figured out how it all fit together, I didn’t like it. I immediately found problems with the functions of society.

I could say my ideas originated from drug use in high school, but that would be inaccurate. I didn’t do drugs in high school; I just acted like I did. I acted like I did a lot of things that I didn’t do. When I was out doing what I thought was important with friends, I should have been at home preparing for next steps. I guess I could never see the world getting past what I saw inevitably approaching around the fifteen year bend. This peace won’t last much longer. Something bad is going to happen and we’re to blame.

Perhaps I failed to plan for tomorrow because I felt a society heading this fast out of control doesn’t have a future. There are several notable issues that stick out. Governments lie to their people. Parents lie to their children. Hypocrisy is everywhere. Nobility replaced honor. Greed is an everyday routine. The compassionate are trampled. Murder is on tap. Adults fear the youth. People with great responsibilities aren’t held accountable. I’m not willing to supply answers. These issues existed in 1995, as they still do today. I’ve had fifteen years to solve the problem and every logical deduction led to violent action either against or by the public. There is no foreseeable flowchart to reverse our course of self-destruction without bloodshed. I haven’t retired from designing one but my hope is waning.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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