Compound 14c

(An impenetrable society)

The badlands haven’t been completely abandoned. There are still a few inhabited outposts. The most popular is Compound 14c. Compound 14c got its name from the giant cargo building sitting against the wall of an east facing cliff. The front of the superstructure has “Building 14c” written in bold print. It is part of an army storage facility that was abandoned after the takeover but weeks before the disaster. The facility design was perfect for travelers and quickly grew into a community. A great river borders its southern edge and curves upward toward the northeast. It is easy to defend from attack because of its natural defenses and is always moderately populated. People travel from across the region because word of this protected community with access to running water was established.

The community laws of Compound 14c are few and simple. The responsibility of enforcing community law is given to the individual because it started as a post by merchants and travelers for trading supplies. Their first law is you must be armed at all times. Even the first merchants encountered on the path inside the main gate are tool dealers and gunsmiths. People can rent weapons for entry if they are so unfortunate to travel without any. The second law is to express equal force. This means that people who harm others can expect such in return. Few matters are escalated to violence because you must be righteous and have the support of the community. People who value their life don’t put themselves in situations where they can lose it. Beyond that, there are ordinances pertaining mostly to trade and property but the primary community laws are referred to as “The Two Laws”. Since the Community’s inception, a couple other outposts have adopted the two law model of Compound 14c.

In the outpost’s beginning there were always people trying to take control over Compound 14c’s community. They would attempt to start town committees with ruling members in the hopes to better “organize” the efforts of the community. They all failed because they wanted to impose more laws and build a source of income for the town to use in its projects. None of these ideas ever took hold because so much was getting done without a committee that it was never justified needing one. In fact, even today, Compound 14c is regarded as one of the safest and most productive communities operating in the badlands. You’re more likely to be shot by sheriffs of the Red Mountain outpost than encounter mortal violence within Compound 14c.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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