The Doom Wraith

A dark vagueness creeps into view,
Its hair wet with sludge and mildew.
The rancid stench of airborne decay,
Its skin crawls of maggot gourmet.

Reaching about with meatless arms,
It grabs wildly in shocking alarm.
Shrieking darkness nearing my face,
Heart skipping as it begins to race.

What horrible pain the banshee bears,
It roams the corridor as cold dark air.
Irrational terror bores through my head,
I lose my nerve and fill with dread.

In panic I stumble down to the cellar,
I search to hide in a place that’s stellar.
Its foul odor shadows my path,
No escaping the doom of its wrath.

I climb in the furnace and begin to pray,
Maybe this evil will just go away.
A sound of clanking iron latches I hear,
I’ve been locked in for so long I fear.

Pipes are rattled as gas is pumped in,
I’ll soon be dead from just breathing.
Wraith shouts a cackle heard in my head,
Gas is ignited, I boil then I’m dead.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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