Where to Draw the Line

It’s hard to know where to draw the line when being oppressed in moderation. I’m speaking about defending yourself from enslavement. The easiest implementation and most widely accepted form of slavery is taxation. Liberation from taxation is hard to fight because policy is what governs the hit squads that will eventually come to imprison or kill you if you don’t pay. Any force that is governed by policy, or follows orders and receives benefits from their obedience, is a mercenary force. Without regard to whether their actions are right or wrong, they want to keep their job. Perhaps following orders is the only thing they’re good at. If you attempted to fight to be liberated, you would receive criticism from taxpayers because they don’t have the courage or will to fight for liberation. They’ll argue that you’re being irresponsible or want to be special or say whatever makes them feel more righteous. Don’t blame them too much; they’re conditioned to accept slavery. It’s hard justifying forceful rejection of this hybrid slavery because it’s a monetary burden that becomes a physical oppression upon neglect. When you consider the redundant and confusing layers of taxation, this is when you begin to see that it’s oppressive and comes from evil and greedy origins. Once you remove the bureaucratic distraction, it boils down to centralized control.

Let’s say you own a house. The deed is in your name and it’s paid in full. Maybe it’s been in your family for decades because it was built by your ancestors. Why are you paying property taxes on it? You supposedly own it, so how is this rent justified? Even if you had a garden and were self sufficient, you are charged with a rent. You must pay or risk losing it but you don’t deal with money because you have no use for it. Not that you should pay anyway; but the tax office will accept nothing but check, credit, or something linked to Federal Reserve Notes. They love paper trails and this is how they force you into using the system. To be truly free, you would have to be homeless and without identity. You would also have to be well armed to maintain this freedom. Oddly, if you’re discovered in this predicament, you risk being charged for a number of other infractions. Like I said, you’d have to be well armed to protect this freedom. You’d have to fight those that would try to oppress you for practicing true freedom. It’s not even jealousy that would attract this oppression to you; it’s their policy. I’m not talking about anarchy; I’m referring to real freedom. You can have order in a truly free society but it requires a lot more responsibility from all.

So where do you draw the line? Do we just avoid paying property taxes until IRS lackeys come to the door? Then I suppose you’d ask them to leave. It’s sad because few are on good terms with tax people to start with; they represent most of what is wrong in the world. Unfortunately, they would just threaten to come back in force with “papers”, at which point, you’d stab them in the abdomen and rip them from stem to stern. It’d be a repugnant mess to clean up but that’s what auxiliary septic tanks are for. Though an extremely brutal response to monetary slavery, it would make a very effective point that oppression in any fashion is not tolerated. You shouldn’t do that though. Murder is a negative act and will only attract a negative response. So how do we maintain freedom when policies are already in practice to control us? Many homeowners would have to become self-reliant and refuse to pay their property taxes amongst a select few other taxes. There would have to be a nationwide boycott of the corrupt system that entangles us. We would have to break the shackles from our enforcement agencies to limit incidents of mercenary attacks against the liberated. After the first wave of liberation, the “powers that be” shouldn’t have the stomach or support to enforce it anymore.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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