In thirty-one years, I’ve heard a lot of vulgar speech and developed a habit of including profanity in my lexicon. I wish I could say that I don’t use profanity often but it’s difficult to detect for sure. I know for certain that in the past day I’ve used fuck, shit, damn, crap, ass, and piss in statements or questions. While the usage of such vulgarity is unnecessary, it gives the feeling that I’m taking a shortcut in conveying emotional data about my feeling toward a subject. I rarely use profanity unless I’m angry or talking about something that has angered me before.

Shit Piss Fuck Cunt Cocksucker Motherfucker TitsLet’s analyze the statement: “I don’t like my lawyer.
With this statement, we are told that the individual does not like their lawyer. We can assume that the reason for this distaste is because the lawyer isn’t good at the job.
If we modify the statement to: “I don’t like my fucking lawyer.
We can immediately see that there is an emotional disgust directed toward the lawyer. We also assume that the lawyer has angered the individual or caused some serious problems. This statement arouses further inquiry and has more informational weight. More words would be used to say the same thing without profanity. “I don’t like my lawyer. He angered me.

I don’t care how many words it takes to say something. If it takes longer to explain by excluding profanity, that is fine. I’d rather sound thorough than vulgar. It will be interesting to scream to someone in traffic “I don’t like you for nearly causing an accident!” than the highly versatile phrase “Fuck you!” It’s easy to see the benefit from using profanity but I have decided that more good comes from its exclusion.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


One thought on “Profanity

  1. I agree with what you are saying, but sometimes using profanity is just too much fun. Like for instance “This sandwich is so fucking good, I would kill an entire tribe of babies, just to get another bite.

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