No Toilet in the Afterlife

Wouldn’t it be great if living creatures didn’t have to consume for energy and growth? It’s a simple concept but the practice monopolizes much time and energy. Imagine never being thirsty or hungry. You would never have to break for food. You would still sleep to maintain sanity but there would be no waking up at night craving food or using a toilet. In actuality, life would be more pleasant without the curse of needing to consume. Most poverty is caused by using too much time, energy, or money to obtain sustenance. Without the need to consume, more money could be used for trade, transportation, or lodging. People also wouldn’t have to move because of drought. There would be more tranquility because work and motion wouldn’t concern food or land management for growing cycles. Death would only occur from external forces and environmental conditions. All labor pertaining to food, agriculture, sewage, and respective fields wouldn’t exist.

You would live much longer due to lack of bodily contamination. This may explain how religious stories of the early people lived to be so old; they weren’t cursed by God yet with the need to consume. Our bodies are a filter for life. We bombard it with material data and pass whatever is unabsorbed. I am certain that heaven doesn’t have a snack bar or toilet.

Consider some of the outcomes related to being free of this curse:

No dining room, No kitchen, No food related appliances, No cooking apparatuses,

No commercials relating to food, kitchens, and toilets or their material and functional dependencies,

No “feed the poor” programs, No soup lines, No bottled drinking water companies, No Food and Drug Administration,

No restaurants, No food markets, No home garden, No breast-feeding, No vomiting, No cannibalism,

No primal or instinctual predatory behavior, No accidental death from choking, No war over farmland, No pet care while owners are on vacation, No food related reason to go anywhere,

No obscene prices at the theater concession stand that doesn’t exist, No movie interruptions for food or bathroom breaks, No food budget,

No anus, No fecal matter, No farting, No sodomy, No toilet, No toilet paper, No picking up animal poop,

No alcoholism, No dehydration, No hangovers, No malnutrition, No vitamins, No food poisoning, No malaria epidemics, No diseases or cancer from diet, No heart-burn, No digestive problems, No bulimia, No obesity, No biological parasitic activity,

No pests consuming crops you don’t need to grow, No pesticides, No (more)

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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