Systematic Dependency

The integrity of any working apparatus is upheld by support from its dependencies. This is a logical and simple statement but the practice falls out of favor from time to time. Just like pulling a block from the base in a Jenga game, loss of links in a network is devastating to functionality. This chain of dependency can be followed to the root of all things. Nothing exists without a dependency on materials that support it. For example, some dependencies in the system for our lives are heat from our sun and carbon. There is also a systematic dependency that exists inside the function of a nation. A current issue concerning the stability of the United States of America is the dependency on oil. Oil is the lifeblood of industrialized nations. America is not only industrialized but also the leading consumer of oil based products. America is not currently capable to implement an alternate dependency for transportation, energy production, or manufacturing. We’ve never prepared for this and it’s a serious weakness that’s used to manipulate us.

Systematic dependencies within the USA have been neglected and we’ve put ourselves into a tough position. Our ability to obtain oil at fair market value has been sabotaged by poor foreign policy. Cause and effect can explain the current predicament. Two decades ago we attempted to forcefully manipulate the source of a major oil supplier. In return, that source’s oil wells were ignited in 1991. Some of that mess was cleaned up by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers amongst others then we had many years of favorable oil trade. Had the adequate systematic dependencies been nurtured, we would have never been deprived a fair oil trade agreement. The USA acts like a small child throwing a tantrum when it wants something. It doesn’t think about dealing with matters civilly. People say there was no other option but to use force. I agree; we were so horrible in our foreign policy that we forced a supplier to accept no other result than our aggressive invasion. Simply put, the systematic dependencies to maintain fair trade were not met.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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