Lightsaber Technologies

Lightsaber Technologies

The “Intention Recognition Circuit” is the state of the art technology found in our new lightsabers that transform your average training saber into a deadly weapon by thought alone. The color of the beam will change, signifying that the circuit has activated the heating crystals, thus making it a deadly weapon. All previous sabers without this unique color change will soon be illegal for carry. The circuit can be programmed to instantly activate upon detecting the specific emotions of its operator. Current programmable emotions are fear, desperation, righteousness, and a few much needed others. Only those skilled in the practice of controlling ones’ mind and body can utilize our new lightsabers containing this revolutionary design.

Legislature is currently underway to outlaw lightsabers not containing our patented circuitry as they are commonly used by assassins. A cheap but unique and traceable registration will be needed for possession of any older heirloom lightsabers you may have. If you wish to have your existing lightsabers modified with our IR circuit, we will be happy to perform the needed modifications for a fee.

Because of the amount of mental focus involved to properly and justly wield these new lightsabers, it has been said that one who carries such device is a Judicially Educated Diplomat of Intent. We at Lightsaber Technologies just call them Jedi.

-Jeremy Edward DIon


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