The Government Complex

I’d like to begin by defining the term “government complex”. This does not refer to the representation of American citizenship by individuals selected to serve with honor and common sense. I refer to the effective rogue unit that acts as one with the decision making power like that of a dictator. These are the same people that sneak bills through congress on early mornings while suppressing media coverage. I am speaking of President Obama and his “purchase” of congress. I say he’s purchased congress (in one way or another) because they’re supporting multiple detrimental ideas he’s pushing. Every bit of it expands government control, or rather, his control. In order to learn how to circumvent the Constitution or Bill of Rights, one would likely have taken some constitutional law courses.

Nothing that is decided by our government complex comes as a shock anymore. Everything takes effect over such a gradual amount of time that it’s rare to detect the change as a threat to liberty. It is only when such new legislature is enforced that we scream that it’s illegal; by then it is too late because it became legal. At least, this used to be the way it operated. As of late, they’ve been increasing the frequency of setting up their endgame pieces. There is so much to write about it’s become difficult to keep track of it all. This effect may be intentional. I think they know their time is short and we’re about to clean house, so they’re getting things passed that will allow them to mobilize a private army to suppress honor bound Americans. It’s an age old political maneuver to always maintain your ability to attack. They may intend to do so physically.

Following is text from the report titled “New World Coming: American Security In the 21st Century” by the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century, Sept. 15, 1999, pg. 128:

The Pentagon emblem image.
“The United States will be both absolutely and relatively stronger than any other state or combination of states. Although a global competitor to the United States is unlikely to arise over the next 25 years, emerging powers—either singly or in coalition—will increasingly constrain U.S. options regionally and limit its strategic influence. As a result, we will remain limited in our ability to impose our will, and we will be vulnerable to an increasing range of threats against American forces and citizens overseas as well as at home. American influence will increasingly be both embraced and resented abroad, as U.S. cultural, economic, and political
power persists and perhaps spreads. States, terrorists, and other disaffected groups will acquire weapons of mass destruction and mass disruption, and some will use them. Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers.”

I thought this was an important document because, although it doesn’t speak of specific events, it’s been extremely accurate. The document originates from very reliable intelligence communities and as I read it, I kept thinking it’s like a roadmap for the future. It comforts me to believe that elements within our nation still plan 25 years ahead but I don’t think adequate consideration was given to their rational and logical warnings. The world domination agenda that Obama supports may begin successfully but will bring forth global slavery and disaster. We can’t expect to govern others; we’re barely responsible for ourselves. We openly elected a radical that bought congress and is systematically undermining the stability and confidence of this nation by dictatorship through proxy.  Before Obama, we elected Bush which also diminished liberty and expanded government.

It’s fine if we’re the leading superpower on this planet as long as we don’t impose our will onto others.  It’s no surprise why we receive so much hostility from the Muslims; we have to quit interfering in their matters.  Leave them alone; don’t hinder or help their growth.  They’re not our concern.  If they invade us or we allow them in to cause problems, then we’ll deal with it accordingly.  But you don’t go traipsing all over their sovereign territories, shooting children and plundering resources.  I’d want to attack whoever did that to us too.  The way things are going, we’ll start eating our own soon anyway.

When The Project for the New American Century wrote about global leadership through military expansion, a very bold suggestive (and now prophetic) statement was made.  The following text is from their document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century”, Sept. 2000, pg. 51:

“Further, the process of transformation,
even if it brings revolutionary change, is
likely to be a long one, absent some
catastrophic and catalyzing event
– like a new Pearl Harbor.”

I’ve concluded that because people have the opportunity to invade and conquer other nations, they do. Opportunity, in this sense, means there will be negligible physical or political repercussions. The gain is more than the loss. It’s a cold but accurate view of how empires grow, and it’s certainly how we’ve been doing it. The support of the people for further trespass into the Middle East was absent in 2000. After the Sept. 2001 attack by the alleged hijackers, all that was needed was a little media manipulation and the public supported invasion. Now, amidst the hundreds of holes in the science and official reports of events leading up to and on that day, there’s no way the public would have supported such blatant disregard for sovereignty. It’s likely not just coincidence that both reports and the attack all happen in September of three consecutive years.

Effective media manipulation is the key to dominating public opinion. As much crap as Americans watch, there’s no telling why we’re called “sheeple” and robots. If you’re not a critically thinking informed logical person, please do not participate in public service, legislative processes, or voting. I’ve included below some references and critical reading resources. I hope people will find the time to read and understand what this country has become, what has become law, and what is needed to reverse it.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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