Last night while dreaming I experimented with psychokinesis. I was turning concentrated mental energy into kinetic energy and moving objects. I’m getting pretty amazing at it too. It was difficult in the beginning because it would take minutes to observe an effect and the shock of success would break my concentration. Later on, an effect would happen in a few seconds but the fear of losing control of my thought path would cause me to lose control. When I did lose control, I would panic but I was still linked to the object. This is a dangerous event because the emotion of fear is a strong mental energy and if I’d panic while controlling the object, unpredictable and dangerous effects would occur. For this one exercise I was lifting a starter motor off a cement driveway. I had it two feet off the ground and it was fifteen feet away from where I was standing. It started to move toward me slowly and I didn’t take notice but then it picked up speed. Finally, it got to about four feet from my face and I panicked and pushed it away back to the ground. It was on the ground spinning and hitting protruding edges of its casing on the cement so I put my hands out flat in front of my view and broke any lingering connection to it. I determined that fear of objects striking me was drawing them closer. I concluded that reliable psychokinetic activity was about controlling and suppressing emotion. I had to train my mind that I’m in full control all the time, because I am. It also helps to mentally visualize a protective field around the body. This reduces fear of impact and also stops impact because it’s powered by a strong emotion.

After a few hours of getting the control bugs ironed out, I performed a false waking. I woke up into what I thought was cognitive reality. The front portion of my brain felt as if it had been working pretty hard. It was like a very mild headache in my frontal lobe. I didn’t know that I hadn’t woken up yet, but I performed a control test by trying to move something. I went to the bathroom and focused on a 6 oz. bottle of Caladryl. As I was concentrating on the bottle that was now trembling, I was overcome with excitement and realized I hadn’t thought of what to do with it. Before I could harness control of my emotions, the bottle exploded and plastered the bathroom walls with calamine lotion. Although extremely amusing, the event startled me awake for real. I woke up to feel as I did after the false waking. The front of my head was felt slightly abnormal and pained. Intrigued by this similarity, I looked over at the refrigerator and tried to open its door from where I was lying. After about a minute of focusing mental energy in the manner I learned, I became really tired and returned to sleep.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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