The Goods

While walking the path to the mailbox one evening I was approached by a young lady. She called out to me: “Hey, I know you. You’re the guy with the goods!”
I smiled at her and replied, “To which of these do you refer: Faith, compassion, honor, loyalty, intelligence, charisma, tact, courage, hope, spirit, style, class, stamina, wisdom, joyful, determination, polite, patience, prowess, ..”
Before I could finish the list of all qualities that could be “The Goods” she ran from me. I suppose I don’t have some of these qualities because listing a series of adjectives and nouns to someone you just met probably isn’t tactful, classy, or polite. Regardless, it got me thinking. What constitutes someone as having The Goods?

The Goods is a great number of attributes that sets a person apart from the rest. It’s having faith in yourself and compassion for others. It’s living by honorable means and being loyal to your word. It’s having intelligence with the charisma to use it in leading others. The Goods is displaying a tactful manner of confronting opposition but having the courage to admit when you’re wrong. It’s hoping for the best and having the spirit to enjoy your victories. It’s having a style all to your own but never forsaking your class. It’s having the stamina to see a battle through to the end and the wisdom to learn from the experience. The Goods is bringing joy to others and having determination to that effect. It’s being polite and having the patience to manage those who are not. Finally, it’s having prowess in a skill which those you associate with do not.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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