A Return to Nature

I was outside earlier today shaving bark off a pine tree that was cut down and took note of how rewarding it felt. It’s been a while since I spent a fair quantity of time outside and I realize that I’ve become disconnected from nature by surrounding myself with buzzing technologies. There’s an electro-mechanical device in nearly every direction in my environment that emits either electromagnetic or sound waves. There’s always some kind of radiation hitting me. Even when I’m resting, I can hear a phantom ringing in my head. I thought it was my imagination at first but then I realized the room has a distinct mixture of low amplitude buzzing. Since I’ve noticed this, it’s become a nuisance.

I’ve decided to conduct a three day experiment. I’m going to unplug all the systems, chargers, and media equipment. I’ll even empty and unplug the refrigerator. Then, to keep me from contaminating the experiment, I’ll disengage the circuit breaker governing the room. My goal is to achieve a natural silence within the area. External sounds not controlled by my environment are unavoidable but negligible. I’m hoping the end result will recalibrate my hearing, thus extinguishing the ringing in my head. I’m not able to perform this yet because I have projects to finish but I’ll start turning systems off while I rest.

I’ll be spending more time outside. It’s important to keep a healthy balance of mental and physical exercise; something I’ve been neglecting. I’ve spent so much time writing and researching, it’s become boring. I need a break from all things electrical. To clarify, it’s not the research that bores me; it’s the use of electronics that leaves me disinterested. I just don’t have the patience to screw with these little buzzing gadgets anymore. Perhaps that’s why I drove a center punch through my phone’s processors. The only function that phone needed to perform was to facilitate communication. Instead, it began disabling the radio while it had full signal and battery. Sure, I could have replaced it but it wouldn’t have given me the satisfaction of teaching it one important final lesson: “Never forsake that which is your primary function.” A phone is a phone; my next one better be simple and functional or I’ll microwave it on “Auto Sense”. Maybe I’ll carve some phones out of pine while I’m spending my time outside. Some wooden phones with a length of twine must work better than that Blackberry garbage.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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