Governed By Fear

I remember when the society of America wasn’t petrified by fear.  Before the mass diagnoses of the children and prescription drug epidemic, people were free.  People always worried, but at least they were sane.  The majority of people were rational thinkers with common sense.  Now a small child can get expelled for bringing a squirt gun or a small chain to school.  I know why this is happening and I’m going to try to explain it as it pours out of my angered brain.

First, I’ll state the golden law of the scared idiot mind:  Any item that has been used as a weapon by anyone in the known history must be interpreted as a threat. And anyone having such item must be thought of as having intent to use it with malice.

Even with this golden law of idiocy, I don’t recall anyone ever using a squirt gun to hurt anyone.  I have used a squirt gun to spray cats with vinegar because they jumped up on the counter, but that was all.  On the other hand, I did stab a kid with a pencil but he didn’t tell on me because I was righteous in defending myself and he wasn’t a pansy.  That’s food for thought.  Let us evaluate and deduce the possible thought processes of the idiot mind interpreting the squirt gun as a threat.

Argument 1:  The child doesn’t know it’s not real and intends to do actual harm with it.  Therefore, the child should be disciplined.
Evaluation of argument 1:  WRONG!  You’re dumb.  Children are a lot smarter than you in this sense and they know it’s a toy.  Children use common sense more than the adult in this scenario.
Argument 2:  The child is crying out for help by bringing a squirt gun to school and will bring a real one soon if no one pays the child the attention he or she feels they deserve.
Evaluation of argument 2:  Um, no.  That’s all conspiracy, assumption and over-analyzing.  It’s a child, with a squirt gun.  If you analyze every little activity children do and you want to find a reason to be concerned about them, then you’ll find something every time.
Argument 3:  Little Sally had a pair of scissors in her backpack.  We called the police and had her escorted out of the school handcuffed and crying.
Evaluation of argument 3:  This really happened to a ten year old girl in Philadelphia.  This event sickened me.  I hope everyone who caused or executed that reaction died from something painfully horrible.  “We were just following orders.”  No.  You were being a tool.  It was a test operation to see how the public would respond to ridiculous rules and police state action.

When I heard about that, I wanted to read in the paper about the “Number 2 Pencil Massacre” that killed the retarded faculty in that school.  Then, the idiot reaction would be: “Well, we have to ban pencils.  God!  Why didn’t we see this coming?”  Stop misinterpreting childhood behavior into a sinister plot to harm someone.  Don’t be afraid of the children (or anyone).  You’re treating kids like their terrorists.  What kind of message do you think this sends to them?  You probably don’t think about that do you?  It’s all about the “Me, Me, Me”, isn’t it?  I’ll tell you what it says to them.

Childs’ perspective:  I can really manipulate these idiots.  All I have to do is say this or do that and these idiots run for cover.  Look at how slow and weak they are.  I can get all the attention and rule this world.

Perhaps the actual violent actions in schools are a result of the oppressive society and the obscene amounts of EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS their parents are pumping into them to control their child-like behavior.  Heaven forbid if a parent might actually have to disengage medicinal auto-pilot and raise their children properly.

This is the result when the inept are left in charge of raising the youth.  We have an oppressive society that lives in fear of persecution for exercising normal human activity.  A civilized society is supposedly a peaceful one but I wouldn’t say our society is civilized.  I’d say what little peace we have springs from our stupidity.  Fear is irrational in a free society.  If we were truly free, then children (or anyone) wouldn’t be persecuted for committing no crime.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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