Dysfunctional Society

I realized years ago why I may have lost faith in people.  Over-population plays a large part in desensitizing people from each other.  The morale is hammered down from working for corporations that don’t allow individuals to make their own decisions.  This attitude is then carried over to the customer and spread farther into society.  We are confronted with too many people and all the random people are interpreted as one entity; a stranger.  So we create an expectation of every individual we meet from the amalgamation of strangers we are forced to interact with.  This is an unhealthy practice and happens so often, it goes unnoticed unless analyzed.  I even denied I was doing this until I caught myself categorizing someone as being a certain way with specific beliefs.  I may or may not have been right, but it was the fact that I placed them in a certain group without even meeting them and giving them a chance at surprising me.  I was disturbed by this discovery so I studied it.

Stupidity is multiplied by groupthink and becomes a burden to everyone.  It’s as if all hands are tied because of the random laws and ordinances and every one realizes they’re not really safe.  Most of us are simply not free.  This may be the social frustration that is being felt nationwide.

When a town is small and there are just enough people to run each business and the closest food store is a farmers’ market, then you have social interaction that is sincere, interesting, and realistic because people haven’t been stepped on all day.  When you go buy groceries, you’re buying them from the grower or his family, and you’ll get the respect you’ve earned from healthy friendly interaction.  On the contrary, if you walk into a crowded city and buy something, you may never see the same face again.  An enormous amount of time and care is needed to interact with random strangers all the time, in order to stay interested in people.  Everyone knows the truth but no one wants to say it.

Class or culture intermingling is socially destructive.  I’ve lived in Connecticut for eleven years and South Carolina for the past twenty years and from my experiences I have realized that each race has a predisposition to their own unique cultural practices.  There are some who get confused or misguided about how they should be or who they are, but overall, most find a comfortable culture that is populated with people physically or mentally built like them.  For the most part, similar people band together.  Anyone who said “opposites attract” was correct, but only out of interest and for a short period of time; or they were talking about magnetism.  It’s in everyone’s nature to be tribal and socialize with like minded individuals.  People of the same race and capacity will even segregate themselves out of different belief structures (religion).  Certainly, they will segregate out of physical or mental differences.  You want more proof of this natural order?  Look at how the society of a prison operates.  That’s just the raw truth in practice.

It’s not racism to self-categorize and want to be with like people; it’s preference.  Racism is a term the sensitive use to discredit an individual for speaking freely.  It’s just groupthink mind control in a pretty little package to make you swallow an agenda easier.  It’s a right we all have as Americans, but it can come with a heavy price.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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