Poisoned World

A lot of the elements in the world today are designed to kill you.  While this is a bold statement, it is true.  The average American is subjected to: fluoride in toothpaste and water; vaccines containing antifreeze, formaldehyde, carbolic acid, aluminum, and mercury; beef from cows fed with corn, protein supplements, antibiotic drugs, and growth hormones; monosodium glutamate in nearly all canned, bagged, and packaged foods; chemical pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables; and radio frequencies and radiation from communication equipment.  After all of that, some people will even devour narcotic pain medication or experimental drugs with damaging bodily effects.

The goal of companies that sell these killer items is to generate more profit.  Capitalists don’t care for your safety; they just want gluttonous addicted unhealthy ignorant consumers.  Even the American healthcare agenda seems to want to medicate you all the way to the grave.  Healthcare entities don’t want to cure cancer with diet and exercise; they want to treat you to death.  They make more money if you’re on a treatment plan than if you’re in your garden curing yourself.  Sure, they keep you artificially alive as long as possible, but you won’t be living.  You are the only one that can save you, but you have to want to live.  It’s hard to break routine but you should do it before hitting a point of no return.

I know it’s difficult to sit down and eat a banana or peel an orange when half a bag of Doritos will satisfy you.  Just remember that the MSG they contain have an addictive effect on your body and greatly increases the amount of insulin you create.  After that, you may want to brush your teeth with that fluoride toothpaste with the industrial cleanser ingredients.  Don’t forget to wash that out with the fluoridated water coming out of your faucet.  Then, you may want to have a sit down and put a brain-burning cell up to your head to have an hour-long chat with a friend.  While you’re at it, pop a couple Percocet to melt your liver and turn on the boob-tube to watch the best programming a mentally handicapped society can produce.

-Jeremy Edward Dion



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