Wordsmiths Wanted!

Writing is an integral part of the development of our species into a civilized culture.  Education is the primary focus of carved symbols and printed text.  In order to pass information to the future generations, we store it through an organized written process.  Without the written word, teaching or learning would be much less reliable and limited to small groups.  There would be a lot less to teach and the learning process would be heavily aural in nature.  Computer software is based on a designed programming language and would not exist without written abilities.  All we have learned and the knowledge of everything that has happened would be lost if it wasn’t for writing in a designed language.  The need for writers is paramount to the survival of a civilized culture lest we forget history and return to barbarism.  Education of past experience is the foundation of our current way of life.

Writing is how we prove what we have learned and can be a permanent existence of some of our knowledge.  Without the ability to write well, your information could be interpreted incorrectly.  Imagine being asked to prove the mathematical principle of gravity without precisely knowing the written language of math to explain it.  It would be erroneous and impossible to prove to anyone.  However, if you knew the proper written symbolism you could produce a document and save everyone a lot of confusion.  Without well structured reading and writing skills there are accidents like religion.  There are many different interpretations of the Bible because we have lost the usage of the language in which it was originally written.  The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic and it’s irrational to assume it was translated properly to the highly complicated English language.  A lot of confusion and conflict may have been avoided if every writer was accurate and clear.

In today’s world, there is a constant bombardment of bureaucracy and procedure to get nearly anything done.  The basis of that bureaucracy is paperwork.  The interpretation of the written word is the primary cause of our current political fiasco and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without poorly written or interpreted legislation.  Corporations depend on strategically worded contracts and licenses to protect their holdings from employee and client legal attacks and liabilities.  Insurance companies create policies so cleverly written, they could be interpreted for either side to benefit as they see fit.  These are skills of the written word used in real everyday applications.  The ability to write and interpret a document correctly in a professional environment gives you a significant advantage over those that can not.  This makes you an increased value to an organization because you are capable of more accurate interpretation.  In summation, the wordsmith is more employable in a company because the written word is the language of policy and protocol.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

What Makes Writing So Important?
8 March 2007. Brown U, U of Missouri.

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23 May 2000. Christian Courier.


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