Law of The Sea Treaty

I think too few non-seafaring people know about the “Law of The Sea Treaty” so I want to shed light on what I believe this treaty is about.  This is something that the United Nations has been trying to push into action for some time.  Further details of this treaty can be found at:

I give thanks to the National Center for Public Policy Research for bringing this to my attention.  It’s important to understand how this treaty would impact businesses and others if it were to succeed.  I’ve been studying it for a few hours to form logical conclusions to its effects.  Granted, I may be slamming this issue too hard, but there isn’t much to like that creeps out of the U.N.

This treaty places the oceans, with everything inside specific detailed zones within it, inside a kind of mineral redistribution plan that’s governed by the U.N.  This would mean that any company/entity wishing to take anything from the oceanic areas in an industrial fashion would have to apply for a Two Hundred Fifty Thousand dollar license and would also have to pay annual fees, as well as a percentage of profits to the U.N.  I suppose that is to then be redistributed to less fortunate countries.  In a later revision, these companies no longer have to lend out their equipment to the poor countries that wish to do their own operations, but they still have to give them a share of their profits.

Now that America has a progressive for a president with a swindled following; the U.N. might just get their wish to expand their control over the ocean.  This means that diving in the open seas to look for sunken pirate booty with your crew will probably land you a hefty fine, without the proper permits.  Fines of this nature may already exist but I’m sure this would have more severe penalties.  This is really just another amazingly huge tax on profits that are promised to go to the needy countries which support this treaty.

What is happening to our world where a groups’ hard work gets redistributed to a landlocked country that doesn’t even know the smell of ocean air?  These countries don’t need money; that junk gets printed every hour. You can’t eat, drink, or cook with money.  Those countries are desolate for a reason; they or their neighboring countries have poor trade policies.  If your country lacks the resources to survive on its own, move; or find a way to facilitate an honest trade agreement to get needed resources.  Money may as well be toilet paper; it always ends up fouled and sticking to something rotten.  It can be misappropriated too easily.

Don’t punish the rest of the nations for having ingenuity for survival.  Just because you were born in a desert, doesn’t mean you have a right to stay there while demanding the rest of the world to give you a handout.  Move out of the desert!  You don’t deserve a handout, but you do retain the right to get stuff yourself.  These “handout” attitudes are the effects of socialist ideals.  It sounds all good and dandy in theory but when they’re implemented, it’s massively controlled and corrupted by man’s lust for power.  You should not centralize control to a few powerful men over any massive area or into any system of grand influence.  That’s called oligarchy and we don’t want any part of that power pyramid.  Those powerful men are of the same category of men from history that end up enslaving their subjects and ultimately resulting in the death of many lives.  It has always ended badly and will continue to end badly.

I would expect to see a lot more junk like this toilet paper treaty to gain momentum while we have this neo-communist/progressive puppet in office.  He’s allowed the floodgates of hard-line socialist agendas to swing open and infect all facets of policy making procedures.  He, and his predecessor, have undermined decades of hard work to maintain a free and sovereign society.  The Law of The Sea Treaty is another power grab to come one step closer to a whole world control system.  If you don’t understand why a whole world control system is a bad idea, then this article is out of the scope of your comprehension and I apologize for wasting your time.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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