A Stance on Faddish Politics (The Ism’s)

Socialism or communism is a feasible governing mechanism, but I don’t agree with the practice because there isn’t a general means of living that can satisfy most Americans.  We’re a nation of different classes, cultures, wants, and needs.  I think it’s up to each of us to supply ourselves with a standard of living that is satisfying.  I believe in a small government that upholds a simple doctrine of common laws, maintains roads and communication, and is mostly autonomous in its execution because it exists in the public eye, in the open, on paper.  The enemy of a free society is an ignorant public and, sadly, we fall behind in being capable of maintaining our freedoms.  It doesn’t help to allow criminals to buy their way into our public offices.  Our public offices are mostly puppet posts, sure; but what kind of message does that send the rest of the world, let alone, our own public?  Morale is low for anyone that is not medicated and public schools take orders of what history they can teach from an agency under control of a system promoting itself instead of critical thinking.  Just because we have progressives entering our public offices and overrunning our schools and media, doesn’t mean it’s a proper agenda.  This nation is too big and wouldn’t share enough similar values, from state to state, to provide the sufficient cohesion for productivity and advancement if socialism prevailed.  Do I think we have a quasi-socialist order right now?  Yes.  Do I approve of this?  Nope.

A lot of this has to do with taxation.  Follow the money.  Our current practice of borrowing money to pay off debts was never designed to last forever, and we’re far beyond the threshold of seeing its damaging effects.  The Federal Reserve wants whatever government we have to be locked into their agreement because it’s a hook for the international banking cartels to control us from the top in all the important arenas (economical, social, political, and electoral).  An inflated government that is responsible for more of our lives will demand a bigger tax burden, enslaving the people further.

I’m for communities, but not communism.  I’m for social cohesion, but not socialism.  I’m for constitutional doctrine, not dictatorship.  I don’t see the attraction of a mandated equal society where everyone has a fixed standard of living regardless of extra work effort.  It’s a nice clean shiny utopian dream.  The dream may work for smaller wealthy nations for a while, but always results in decreased standard of living.  Obama and his filibusters could sell paint to the blind, so I agree he’s the one to convince the American public to accept socialism, but our nation is too large for that regime.  I can assure you that with our current severity of corruption, there would be increased loss and misappropriation of resources upon collection.  It will be a last big power grab by an oligarchy before a revolt.  We certainly need a revolution, but if we’re disarmed of our resources and abilities before-hand then we’ll just be impotent slaves unable to return to freedom without having a war.  I think a civilized revolution is beginning though.  I can sense the wind is shifting again and new people are getting politically mobilized every day.  Our constitutional republic is looking increasingly better, even to those who have forsaken it for this pop-culture faddish regime.  We shall see what comes of this.  This is a very exciting time to be alive.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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