An Editorial For Concerned Citizens

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Our Constitution no longer restrains our government.  No enforcement agency exists that is capable or willing to uphold the tenets of the Constitution.  We the people are that supposed entity but we’ve adopted democracy and the majority of Americans are either too slow or too distracted and ultimately ignorant to the truth.  There are elements controlling our government that would see our citizens disarmed so they can become a tyrannical oligarchy that fully enslaved the United States of America.  They’ll put us all into debt so we have to jump through their hoops and then they’ll disarm us so that we cannot fight them.  These actions will end in bloodshed, they always have.  If there is one thing we can learn from history, it surely must be that you should not disarm the public.  A disarmed society is incapable of keeping in check those that would try to enslave or control them.  No human being is greater than any other human being and I would surely plan hostile action against any entity that would take away my freedom or my ability to keep it.  I would expect any one of us to act similarly.

There are plenty of law enforcement agencies and they follow orders from the top.  If the top is corrupted by the power hungry or the greedy then we all suffer the wrath of their actions in the pursuit of “justice”.  Unfortunately, our justice system is one of our oldest lies.  It’s a sewer of deception.  Information is sifted through on both sides to find the right bits to fit together and make the stronger lie.  Sadly, the poor can’t afford good liars, so the court system is class biased.  That isn’t fair.  Perhaps all the information should be heard in the courtroom.  That way we wouldn’t have to hire liars.  We can let the jury decide the verdict of what is true based on all the information.  That might actually be a fair defense.  Truth be told, the courts have always been class biased and the oligarchy doesn’t really care how the courts are run because they will never be the focus of any legal system.  They are above governments and control the debts of nations.  They feel entitled to control the rest of us because they know the truth while we have no choice but to believe their lies.  I’m not comfortable being a slave to their system any longer.

We can start to set ourselves free by ending the use of the Federal Reserve Notes. Instead, we should use our own debt-free money; printed by each state.  Do not use any element as a standard for exchange that can become scarce because that will cause poverty through hoarding.  Moneys’ use is to facilitate trade but it shouldn’t ever be allowed to trade control over people.

No person should forsake their beliefs by way of political compromise.  Political parties encourage this behavior because of a dirty practice called partisanship.  We shouldn’t have political parties.  Everyone in politics has their own beliefs but those beliefs are irrelevant because they’ve been delegated an authority to exercise the public interest.  You don’t want to support the guy that says “I believe in this, this, this, and that” because he’s an inflexible dictator.  You want to support the guy that will continue to listen to the people he represents.  That’s called a public servant.  He’s the one that should be supported because he will continue to represent the goals of his people.  It is this simple, but the voting body needs to stay informed and active in the legislative processes.  Government is a collection of well-dressed citizens that ask questions and delegate authority and we’ve been neglecting our responsibilities for too long.  For years now, our Constitution, the very foundation of what America was built on, has been under attack by groups or individuals that believe our public can’t manage itself.  It’s beyond the critical time to take action.  We need to arm ourselves with information, apply critical thinking and common sense, and fight to be represented in a free society under law.  The system isn’t broken; it’s just populated by dishonorable and broken men.  Please! Please don’t give up on our country.


-Jeremy Edward Dion


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