The Gun Situation

It’s appalling that some still advocate gun control.  It’s not difficult to understand the nature of the gun situation.  The logic is plainly stated in bold contrast.  The gun is a technology that cannot be uncreated.  It’s widely known how to make a gun and it will always exist.  If a law is created that restricts ownership of the gun, then the law-abiding people will be at the mercy of those that do not observe the law.  In simpler terminology, criminals will be free to do as they please because they will be unopposed by the common man.

Let’s examine the state’s argument about gun control.  They tell you that you will be safe because the police are still armed and will protect you, even in your home.  They preach cracking down on crime and removing all the guns.  The logical point is that gun-owners become the criminals because they are breaking laws by having a gun.  Think about this in a serious manner.  In order for police to guard you while you sleep, there would have to be martial law, curfews, and a plethora of oppressive rules to keep you safe.  You would be living in fear and under constant observation of the state.  The public would never accept such tyranny.  We would have to be a dictatorship for that to happen but they still couldn’t watch everyone all the time.  So when you lie in bed and wake to hear intruding footsteps advancing toward your bedroom, would you rather be thinking how this could be happening or be preparing to fend off said intruder with equal force of arms?

The logical approach to prepare for any life-threatening encounter is to find a way to survive unharmed.  Survival is a product of preparedness.  You will need to be prepared for such encounters or you will not survive.  It is logical and wise to assume that your opponent is prepared for the encounter because he is in trespass.  He also expects to have the element of surprise but you cannot ambush without making preparations.  Jumping out from a dark corner and snarling “Boogie-woogie Woo!  The police will be here soon!” won’t be enough to survive.  You want a ranged attack that will put him down without delay, upon discovering that it is indeed someone who wishes to do harm.  I suppose a crossbow will do, but reloading is difficult and you may miss the first shot if you’re panicky.  Remember, a trespasser is a criminal and may have a gun.  A crossbow is no match against a gun, unless stealth is the objective.  Even then, a suppressed pistol is best.

In my opinion, it’s irresponsible to yourself and your family if you don’t own a gun.  There are few more shameful moments than being unprepared to protect what you cherish.  This is the nature of self-preservation.  There can be no law that will govern us completely but the armed society is capable of governing itself.  That is the nature of community.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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