A Return to Nature

I was outside earlier today shaving bark off a pine tree that was cut down and took note of how rewarding it felt. It’s been a while since I spent a fair quantity of time outside and I realize that I’ve become disconnected from nature by surrounding myself with buzzing technologies. There’s an electro-mechanical device in nearly every direction in my environment that emits either electromagnetic or sound waves. There’s always some kind of radiation hitting me. Even when I’m resting, I can hear a phantom ringing in my head. I thought it was my imagination at first but then I realized the room has a distinct mixture of low amplitude buzzing. Since I’ve noticed this, it’s become a nuisance.

I’ve decided to conduct a three day experiment. I’m going to unplug all the systems, chargers, and media equipment. I’ll even empty and unplug the refrigerator. Then, to keep me from contaminating the experiment, I’ll disengage the circuit breaker governing the room. My goal is to achieve a natural silence within the area. External sounds not controlled by my environment are unavoidable but negligible. I’m hoping the end result will recalibrate my hearing, thus extinguishing the ringing in my head. I’m not able to perform this yet because I have projects to finish but I’ll start turning systems off while I rest.

I’ll be spending more time outside. It’s important to keep a healthy balance of mental and physical exercise; something I’ve been neglecting. I’ve spent so much time writing and researching, it’s become boring. I need a break from all things electrical. To clarify, it’s not the research that bores me; it’s the use of electronics that leaves me disinterested. I just don’t have the patience to screw with these little buzzing gadgets anymore. Perhaps that’s why I drove a center punch through my phone’s processors. The only function that phone needed to perform was to facilitate communication. Instead, it began disabling the radio while it had full signal and battery. Sure, I could have replaced it but it wouldn’t have given me the satisfaction of teaching it one important final lesson: “Never forsake that which is your primary function.” A phone is a phone; my next one better be simple and functional or I’ll microwave it on “Auto Sense”. Maybe I’ll carve some phones out of pine while I’m spending my time outside. Some wooden phones with a length of twine must work better than that Blackberry garbage.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


It can be difficult to stay objective. When you have ideas about how something functions before you learn how it really works, it can be difficult to figure it out. If you’re looking for an answer among data instead of interpreting the information to form an answer, you’re likely to get it incorrect. It helps to suspend all you think you know on a subject to interpret related information objectively. Also, if the information isn’t of a scientific nature, it may be biased. It’s much easier to determine if something is written objectively than it is to read objectively.

Objectivity is fairness and hearing all of an argument instead of just what you agree or disagree with. It’s the facts stated independent of human feelings or judgments. Information given without origin of an agenda is likely to be objective.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Governed By Fear

I remember when the society of America wasn’t petrified by fear.  Before the mass diagnoses of the children and prescription drug epidemic, people were free.  People always worried, but at least they were sane.  The majority of people were rational thinkers with common sense.  Now a small child can get expelled for bringing a squirt gun or a small chain to school.  I know why this is happening and I’m going to try to explain it as it pours out of my angered brain.

First, I’ll state the golden law of the scared idiot mind:  Any item that has been used as a weapon by anyone in the known history must be interpreted as a threat. And anyone having such item must be thought of as having intent to use it with malice.

Even with this golden law of idiocy, I don’t recall anyone ever using a squirt gun to hurt anyone.  I have used a squirt gun to spray cats with vinegar because they jumped up on the counter, but that was all.  On the other hand, I did stab a kid with a pencil but he didn’t tell on me because I was righteous in defending myself and he wasn’t a pansy.  That’s food for thought.  Let us evaluate and deduce the possible thought processes of the idiot mind interpreting the squirt gun as a threat.

Argument 1:  The child doesn’t know it’s not real and intends to do actual harm with it.  Therefore, the child should be disciplined.
Evaluation of argument 1:  WRONG!  You’re dumb.  Children are a lot smarter than you in this sense and they know it’s a toy.  Children use common sense more than the adult in this scenario.
Argument 2:  The child is crying out for help by bringing a squirt gun to school and will bring a real one soon if no one pays the child the attention he or she feels they deserve.
Evaluation of argument 2:  Um, no.  That’s all conspiracy, assumption and over-analyzing.  It’s a child, with a squirt gun.  If you analyze every little activity children do and you want to find a reason to be concerned about them, then you’ll find something every time.
Argument 3:  Little Sally had a pair of scissors in her backpack.  We called the police and had her escorted out of the school handcuffed and crying.
Evaluation of argument 3:  This really happened to a ten year old girl in Philadelphia.  This event sickened me.  I hope everyone who caused or executed that reaction died from something painfully horrible.  “We were just following orders.”  No.  You were being a tool.  It was a test operation to see how the public would respond to ridiculous rules and police state action.

When I heard about that, I wanted to read in the paper about the “Number 2 Pencil Massacre” that killed the retarded faculty in that school.  Then, the idiot reaction would be: “Well, we have to ban pencils.  God!  Why didn’t we see this coming?”  Stop misinterpreting childhood behavior into a sinister plot to harm someone.  Don’t be afraid of the children (or anyone).  You’re treating kids like their terrorists.  What kind of message do you think this sends to them?  You probably don’t think about that do you?  It’s all about the “Me, Me, Me”, isn’t it?  I’ll tell you what it says to them.

Childs’ perspective:  I can really manipulate these idiots.  All I have to do is say this or do that and these idiots run for cover.  Look at how slow and weak they are.  I can get all the attention and rule this world.

Perhaps the actual violent actions in schools are a result of the oppressive society and the obscene amounts of EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS their parents are pumping into them to control their child-like behavior.  Heaven forbid if a parent might actually have to disengage medicinal auto-pilot and raise their children properly.

This is the result when the inept are left in charge of raising the youth.  We have an oppressive society that lives in fear of persecution for exercising normal human activity.  A civilized society is supposedly a peaceful one but I wouldn’t say our society is civilized.  I’d say what little peace we have springs from our stupidity.  Fear is irrational in a free society.  If we were truly free, then children (or anyone) wouldn’t be persecuted for committing no crime.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Zombie Inoculation

I’d like to start seeing some talk about Zombie vaccinations.  We wouldn’t fair too well against a zombie epidemic without preparations.  I propose we start working on a serum for inoculating people before the outbreak begins.  Of course, we’re all prepared for killing the zombies.  We got our shotguns, rifles, pistols, crossbows, clubs, and blades; but there isn’t much talk of prevention or solving the problem.  We need to build antibodies to ward off the infectious zombie plague.  When we die, we must remain dead.  We should begin immunization before it starts.  There are always going to be moments when fighting will become too tiresome and barricading may not be possible.  I think it’s best to focus on vaccinating now to lower the amount of wet work we’ll have to do later.

I’ve heard of experiments to create nanomachines that upon detection of prolonged heart failure they attack and erode your brain stem.  While this is a brilliant method for immobilizing a reanimated corpse, it doesn’t solve the core issue of protecting people from infection.  The blast collars or “pop collars” attack the same issue; upon heart failure the head is severed from the body by a series of small directional blasts.  While a crude but very effective method of protecting others from your zombie wrath, it’s very difficult to convince people to walk around wearing explosive charges.  Besides, it’s hard to distribute such expensive technologies when a cheap shotgun blast to the head will suffice.

I’m helping to start an organization, apply for grants, and raise funds for research toward producing a serum against the viral zombie strain.  I believe we could build an efficient network of facilities that can quickly mobilize and deliver these vaccines upon fear of a zombie outbreak.  Remember, the number one cause of death in a zombie pandemic is infection.  We all think we know how we’d survive such a horrible event, but it’s currently our duty to focus on prevention and maintaining a natural death process.  It is my dream to ensure that the dead shall never rise; and with your support, we can keep our afterlife peaceful.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Dysfunctional Society

I realized years ago why I may have lost faith in people.  Over-population plays a large part in desensitizing people from each other.  The morale is hammered down from working for corporations that don’t allow individuals to make their own decisions.  This attitude is then carried over to the customer and spread farther into society.  We are confronted with too many people and all the random people are interpreted as one entity; a stranger.  So we create an expectation of every individual we meet from the amalgamation of strangers we are forced to interact with.  This is an unhealthy practice and happens so often, it goes unnoticed unless analyzed.  I even denied I was doing this until I caught myself categorizing someone as being a certain way with specific beliefs.  I may or may not have been right, but it was the fact that I placed them in a certain group without even meeting them and giving them a chance at surprising me.  I was disturbed by this discovery so I studied it.

Stupidity is multiplied by groupthink and becomes a burden to everyone.  It’s as if all hands are tied because of the random laws and ordinances and every one realizes they’re not really safe.  Most of us are simply not free.  This may be the social frustration that is being felt nationwide.

When a town is small and there are just enough people to run each business and the closest food store is a farmers’ market, then you have social interaction that is sincere, interesting, and realistic because people haven’t been stepped on all day.  When you go buy groceries, you’re buying them from the grower or his family, and you’ll get the respect you’ve earned from healthy friendly interaction.  On the contrary, if you walk into a crowded city and buy something, you may never see the same face again.  An enormous amount of time and care is needed to interact with random strangers all the time, in order to stay interested in people.  Everyone knows the truth but no one wants to say it.

Class or culture intermingling is socially destructive.  I’ve lived in Connecticut for eleven years and South Carolina for the past twenty years and from my experiences I have realized that each race has a predisposition to their own unique cultural practices.  There are some who get confused or misguided about how they should be or who they are, but overall, most find a comfortable culture that is populated with people physically or mentally built like them.  For the most part, similar people band together.  Anyone who said “opposites attract” was correct, but only out of interest and for a short period of time; or they were talking about magnetism.  It’s in everyone’s nature to be tribal and socialize with like minded individuals.  People of the same race and capacity will even segregate themselves out of different belief structures (religion).  Certainly, they will segregate out of physical or mental differences.  You want more proof of this natural order?  Look at how the society of a prison operates.  That’s just the raw truth in practice.

It’s not racism to self-categorize and want to be with like people; it’s preference.  Racism is a term the sensitive use to discredit an individual for speaking freely.  It’s just groupthink mind control in a pretty little package to make you swallow an agenda easier.  It’s a right we all have as Americans, but it can come with a heavy price.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

An Antipathy to Hospitals

I don’t like hospitals.  There are few who care for them but I remember why I don’t.  My disliking toward hospitals isn’t a phobia.  I don’t fear them nor do I condemn the practice of immediate health care.  I want to explain in much detail the reason for my aversion toward hospitals.

This story takes place in Connecticut in the winter of 1981.  I was two years old and my father had taken me to Coventry Lake to walk on the frozen surface.  My mother was at Booth & Dimock Library, so it was just my father and I at the lake.  It was very cold and the ice beneath our feet was thick.  There was a hint of blue to the world and the wind was chilly but dry.  I had walked for a bit holding my dad’s hand but ended up on his shoulders.  I remember feeling fear about being that high up but I didn’t express it adequately to return safely to the ice.  I kept my anxiety quiet but maybe I shouldn’t have.  I can’t say for certain if I’m imagining the fall or if I’m having bits and flashes of memory.  My father slipped and we fell forward.  I slapped the top left corner of my forehead against the ice and began crying and bleeding.

The next thing I remember is sitting in the passenger seat crying and looking through the blood running into my left eye.  This is a strong memory because I can hear myself crying, taste my blood, and feel its warmth running down my face.  I must have looked in pretty bad shape.  I can only imagine what my father must have been going through.  Next, I remember being carted on a type of gurney from a corridor in Windham Memorial Hospital to a corner of what I guess was an ER or OR.  Near the end of the transit to the corner of this room, I saw for a couple seconds what looked to be an eight or nine year old girl sleeping partially inclined in a bed next to my corner.  I couldn’t see her from my corner because of the curtain that separated us, but the image is burned into my memory.  She was laying there with a blue hospital sheet covering her up to her chest.  She was wearing something light green.  I felt great concern for her the moment I saw her.  I remember thinking about that girl while I was sitting upright facing the center of the room with people toiling over my forehead.  I felt sorry for that girl because I thought she shouldn’t have been there.  I felt fear and sorrow for her, except I felt it was her fear or sorrow.  I wanted to know about her but I probably didn’t have a vocabulary to express any of this.  I can only put into words now what I couldn’t then.  The word to best describe what I was feeling is empathy.

It probably helped a lot for me to focus on her while they were stitching me up.  I heard me crying but my mind was fixated on her.  I was in pain and bleeding but I knew I was going to be alright.  I thought that as bad as shape as I’m in it can’t be like what she’s here for.  I thought that since I was here for something like bleeding from the head then she must be here for something equally unfortunate.  It may have also comforted me to think I wasn’t the only one in trouble.  That sounds selfish, but I really was concerned for her.  These are strong emotions for a two year old but I have a solid mastery of these feelings today.

Adrenaline has a way of producing very strong memories.  A life threatening occurrence is important to remember for continued survival.  I still remember this.  I dislike hospitals because they remind me of that girl and her sacrificed happiness.  Hospitals remind me of blood and pain and uncertainty.  In conclusion, my antipathy toward hospitals does originate from a traumatic psychological event; but it isn’t my fear or sorrow.  It’s empathy for hers.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Poisoned World

A lot of the elements in the world today are designed to kill you.  While this is a bold statement, it is true.  The average American is subjected to: fluoride in toothpaste and water; vaccines containing antifreeze, formaldehyde, carbolic acid, aluminum, and mercury; beef from cows fed with corn, protein supplements, antibiotic drugs, and growth hormones; monosodium glutamate in nearly all canned, bagged, and packaged foods; chemical pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables; and radio frequencies and radiation from communication equipment.  After all of that, some people will even devour narcotic pain medication or experimental drugs with damaging bodily effects.

The goal of companies that sell these killer items is to generate more profit.  Capitalists don’t care for your safety; they just want gluttonous addicted unhealthy ignorant consumers.  Even the American healthcare agenda seems to want to medicate you all the way to the grave.  Healthcare entities don’t want to cure cancer with diet and exercise; they want to treat you to death.  They make more money if you’re on a treatment plan than if you’re in your garden curing yourself.  Sure, they keep you artificially alive as long as possible, but you won’t be living.  You are the only one that can save you, but you have to want to live.  It’s hard to break routine but you should do it before hitting a point of no return.

I know it’s difficult to sit down and eat a banana or peel an orange when half a bag of Doritos will satisfy you.  Just remember that the MSG they contain have an addictive effect on your body and greatly increases the amount of insulin you create.  After that, you may want to brush your teeth with that fluoride toothpaste with the industrial cleanser ingredients.  Don’t forget to wash that out with the fluoridated water coming out of your faucet.  Then, you may want to have a sit down and put a brain-burning cell up to your head to have an hour-long chat with a friend.  While you’re at it, pop a couple Percocet to melt your liver and turn on the boob-tube to watch the best programming a mentally handicapped society can produce.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Wordsmiths Wanted!

Writing is an integral part of the development of our species into a civilized culture.  Education is the primary focus of carved symbols and printed text.  In order to pass information to the future generations, we store it through an organized written process.  Without the written word, teaching or learning would be much less reliable and limited to small groups.  There would be a lot less to teach and the learning process would be heavily aural in nature.  Computer software is based on a designed programming language and would not exist without written abilities.  All we have learned and the knowledge of everything that has happened would be lost if it wasn’t for writing in a designed language.  The need for writers is paramount to the survival of a civilized culture lest we forget history and return to barbarism.  Education of past experience is the foundation of our current way of life.

Writing is how we prove what we have learned and can be a permanent existence of some of our knowledge.  Without the ability to write well, your information could be interpreted incorrectly.  Imagine being asked to prove the mathematical principle of gravity without precisely knowing the written language of math to explain it.  It would be erroneous and impossible to prove to anyone.  However, if you knew the proper written symbolism you could produce a document and save everyone a lot of confusion.  Without well structured reading and writing skills there are accidents like religion.  There are many different interpretations of the Bible because we have lost the usage of the language in which it was originally written.  The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic and it’s irrational to assume it was translated properly to the highly complicated English language.  A lot of confusion and conflict may have been avoided if every writer was accurate and clear.

In today’s world, there is a constant bombardment of bureaucracy and procedure to get nearly anything done.  The basis of that bureaucracy is paperwork.  The interpretation of the written word is the primary cause of our current political fiasco and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without poorly written or interpreted legislation.  Corporations depend on strategically worded contracts and licenses to protect their holdings from employee and client legal attacks and liabilities.  Insurance companies create policies so cleverly written, they could be interpreted for either side to benefit as they see fit.  These are skills of the written word used in real everyday applications.  The ability to write and interpret a document correctly in a professional environment gives you a significant advantage over those that can not.  This makes you an increased value to an organization because you are capable of more accurate interpretation.  In summation, the wordsmith is more employable in a company because the written word is the language of policy and protocol.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

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Law of The Sea Treaty

I think too few non-seafaring people know about the “Law of The Sea Treaty” so I want to shed light on what I believe this treaty is about.  This is something that the United Nations has been trying to push into action for some time.  Further details of this treaty can be found at:


I give thanks to the National Center for Public Policy Research for bringing this to my attention.  It’s important to understand how this treaty would impact businesses and others if it were to succeed.  I’ve been studying it for a few hours to form logical conclusions to its effects.  Granted, I may be slamming this issue too hard, but there isn’t much to like that creeps out of the U.N.

This treaty places the oceans, with everything inside specific detailed zones within it, inside a kind of mineral redistribution plan that’s governed by the U.N.  This would mean that any company/entity wishing to take anything from the oceanic areas in an industrial fashion would have to apply for a Two Hundred Fifty Thousand dollar license and would also have to pay annual fees, as well as a percentage of profits to the U.N.  I suppose that is to then be redistributed to less fortunate countries.  In a later revision, these companies no longer have to lend out their equipment to the poor countries that wish to do their own operations, but they still have to give them a share of their profits.

Now that America has a progressive for a president with a swindled following; the U.N. might just get their wish to expand their control over the ocean.  This means that diving in the open seas to look for sunken pirate booty with your crew will probably land you a hefty fine, without the proper permits.  Fines of this nature may already exist but I’m sure this would have more severe penalties.  This is really just another amazingly huge tax on profits that are promised to go to the needy countries which support this treaty.

What is happening to our world where a groups’ hard work gets redistributed to a landlocked country that doesn’t even know the smell of ocean air?  These countries don’t need money; that junk gets printed every hour. You can’t eat, drink, or cook with money.  Those countries are desolate for a reason; they or their neighboring countries have poor trade policies.  If your country lacks the resources to survive on its own, move; or find a way to facilitate an honest trade agreement to get needed resources.  Money may as well be toilet paper; it always ends up fouled and sticking to something rotten.  It can be misappropriated too easily.

Don’t punish the rest of the nations for having ingenuity for survival.  Just because you were born in a desert, doesn’t mean you have a right to stay there while demanding the rest of the world to give you a handout.  Move out of the desert!  You don’t deserve a handout, but you do retain the right to get stuff yourself.  These “handout” attitudes are the effects of socialist ideals.  It sounds all good and dandy in theory but when they’re implemented, it’s massively controlled and corrupted by man’s lust for power.  You should not centralize control to a few powerful men over any massive area or into any system of grand influence.  That’s called oligarchy and we don’t want any part of that power pyramid.  Those powerful men are of the same category of men from history that end up enslaving their subjects and ultimately resulting in the death of many lives.  It has always ended badly and will continue to end badly.

I would expect to see a lot more junk like this toilet paper treaty to gain momentum while we have this neo-communist/progressive puppet in office.  He’s allowed the floodgates of hard-line socialist agendas to swing open and infect all facets of policy making procedures.  He, and his predecessor, have undermined decades of hard work to maintain a free and sovereign society.  The Law of The Sea Treaty is another power grab to come one step closer to a whole world control system.  If you don’t understand why a whole world control system is a bad idea, then this article is out of the scope of your comprehension and I apologize for wasting your time.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

A Stance on Faddish Politics (The Ism’s)

Socialism or communism is a feasible governing mechanism, but I don’t agree with the practice because there isn’t a general means of living that can satisfy most Americans.  We’re a nation of different classes, cultures, wants, and needs.  I think it’s up to each of us to supply ourselves with a standard of living that is satisfying.  I believe in a small government that upholds a simple doctrine of common laws, maintains roads and communication, and is mostly autonomous in its execution because it exists in the public eye, in the open, on paper.  The enemy of a free society is an ignorant public and, sadly, we fall behind in being capable of maintaining our freedoms.  It doesn’t help to allow criminals to buy their way into our public offices.  Our public offices are mostly puppet posts, sure; but what kind of message does that send the rest of the world, let alone, our own public?  Morale is low for anyone that is not medicated and public schools take orders of what history they can teach from an agency under control of a system promoting itself instead of critical thinking.  Just because we have progressives entering our public offices and overrunning our schools and media, doesn’t mean it’s a proper agenda.  This nation is too big and wouldn’t share enough similar values, from state to state, to provide the sufficient cohesion for productivity and advancement if socialism prevailed.  Do I think we have a quasi-socialist order right now?  Yes.  Do I approve of this?  Nope.

A lot of this has to do with taxation.  Follow the money.  Our current practice of borrowing money to pay off debts was never designed to last forever, and we’re far beyond the threshold of seeing its damaging effects.  The Federal Reserve wants whatever government we have to be locked into their agreement because it’s a hook for the international banking cartels to control us from the top in all the important arenas (economical, social, political, and electoral).  An inflated government that is responsible for more of our lives will demand a bigger tax burden, enslaving the people further.

I’m for communities, but not communism.  I’m for social cohesion, but not socialism.  I’m for constitutional doctrine, not dictatorship.  I don’t see the attraction of a mandated equal society where everyone has a fixed standard of living regardless of extra work effort.  It’s a nice clean shiny utopian dream.  The dream may work for smaller wealthy nations for a while, but always results in decreased standard of living.  Obama and his filibusters could sell paint to the blind, so I agree he’s the one to convince the American public to accept socialism, but our nation is too large for that regime.  I can assure you that with our current severity of corruption, there would be increased loss and misappropriation of resources upon collection.  It will be a last big power grab by an oligarchy before a revolt.  We certainly need a revolution, but if we’re disarmed of our resources and abilities before-hand then we’ll just be impotent slaves unable to return to freedom without having a war.  I think a civilized revolution is beginning though.  I can sense the wind is shifting again and new people are getting politically mobilized every day.  Our constitutional republic is looking increasingly better, even to those who have forsaken it for this pop-culture faddish regime.  We shall see what comes of this.  This is a very exciting time to be alive.

-Jeremy Edward Dion