Defined as Rebel

Merely knowing the truth will define you as a rebel.

I often got into arguments with teachers that would tell us things that were conjecture. I would mention other sources and perspectives and it would greatly annoy public school faculty. I persisted all through high school with this ‘rebellious nature’, but not because it annoyed them. I didn’t have a behavioral problem, I was merely informed otherwise about the historical events they were inculcating. Without even knowing about the terminology of “bias” or its meaning, I would debate the sources and the intent. To this day, I recall the inside of the principal’s office more than the classrooms, with the exception of one taught by someone also applying common sense to critical thinking during his class.

It’s not so much a big deal that one student would have to conform to untruths to pass a test. They ultimately didn’t care if I passed or failed, they simply wanted my obedience to the narrative. But my arguments were logical and valid and fellow students began asking the same types of questions. This would spur debates and they couldn’t have that happening because people might actually work out the truth. On many occasions I was ‘disrupting the class’ and asked to either quit with the ‘silly questioning’ (an attempt to discredit me) or sit in the hall.

In one incident of social studies (history class) during my sophomore year, I pointed out that the new edition of the textbook directly contradicted the statements of the previous year’s edition on several matters. This was a different teacher for that grade but when I presented the examples of the inconsistencies, I was told I would be graded from the new edition. I thought to myself, “yes of course, but..” She didn’t recognize the concerning issue I was presenting, it went right over her head that there’s misinformation, or perhaps malicious disinformation in the text. It was only several years ago that I realized that back in 1995, much of the faculty was already likely outright proponents of collectivism. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and I was naive to think they didn’t see what was happening. I realize I had no business being in public school.

Today, the propaganda and groupthink psychology in the public school scene is far more severe and effective. It’s staggering to consider the increase in the use of fear-mongering to indoctrinate the young toward collectivist philosophies. They are conditioned to believe that all they see around them, the progress, and everything they have to be thankful for is because of their government; instead of the truth that it’s simply the product of individual ingenuity. There are those that took the freedom to create instead of merely consume.

Today the system is designed in such a manner to create debt; forcing many into a form of enslaved subjugation. The taxes, zoning and fines serve as tools to specifically target individual ‘owners’ of property. If the damaging philosophy that ‘people don’t own themselves’ doesn’t get adopted; on a long enough timeline, the collectivists can suck all the money out of your family and take everything you have. This must happen incrementally, otherwise it is generationally apparent. It is already apparent that it’s extortion but they profess to be authoritative specialists of law and justice when it’s simply a monopoly. Ultimately, collectivists would have totalitarianism if they could get it; they just might if we do nothing.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Our Nation’s End

Over the recent months I’ve done a lot of research and writing for my next book. My focus is on morality. In my studies I have found many disturbing articles, reports and videos of misconduct from the executive branch right on down to select local police departments and individuals. Something all these people seem to share is a lack of respect for others. They are rude.

The best criminals I’ve ever seen are wearing suits or uniforms. They are the best criminals because they commit heinous crimes against their fellow countrymen but are seldom met with punishment for these crimes. These suits and uniforms are exempt from the laws they are tasked with governing and enforcing. This creates a rift in society. There is a hard division forming between the public and the professed government. When approaching a citizen on the street, or in a restaurant, or at their work, or in the general public; they can be engaged and spoken to without social discomfort. The same cannot be said when dealing with the suits and many uniforms of government. Certainly they have a code of conduct to follow, but how does that exclude the common courtesies they would extend to their mother or father? I can’t see a cop ripping their mother from a vehicle if she began asking questions about why she was stopped. And I can’t see two officers tasering their father when he pulls his arm away because they began grabbing at him when he exited the passenger door upon their request.

All persons are to be treated with respect until they give you a reason otherwise. I am noticing with more frequency police initiating assault. It is important to understand what assault means. Assault is a physical attack ‘or the threat of a physical attack’. Depending on circumstances, forms of assault can also be “battery”, or “aggravated assault” when weapons are used at varying degrees during an attack. And depending on the severity of the attack this could also lead into a whole slew of new charges about attempted murder and manslaughter; all of which law enforcement is seemingly immune to being charged with. What good are laws if only selected parties must abide?

Something has happened to the brains of these authoritarian individuals. It takes a particular type of person to assault strangers, and call it their job. I’m not talking about the armed forces like the Army or the Corps; with them, the recipients of their assaults have the courtesy of knowing they’re at war. No. I’m talking about police electrocuting and paralyzing random people inside the USA because they challenged the officers reasoning with a question and can’t understand the other cop that yells with a lisp in a southern accent. I have seen and read hundreds of these incidents, and about 20-30 new reports can be seen each week by cycling through the public reporting sites exposing this misconduct. And nothing is being done to lessen the spread of this behavior. We are instead giving these uniformed hooligans more powerful armored vehicles like MRAP’s. Meanwhile, by dictatorial decree, the executive branch of government is banning body armor, firearms and ammunition for the public; yet organizations of government and militarized police are exempt from such regulations.

We need to begin focusing on the violent nature of our police officers and why they’re misdirecting their hostilities toward the benevolent citizenry. I believe this behavior was exacerbated (if not started) by the “War on Drugs”, more of a war on the people, which has always been about removing our freedom of choice. Coincidentally, wars are great at growing an empire and extending the reach of an organization.

There has always been bad cops. Some places have a monopoly on “justice”, and they do things as they see fit. Small towns with a limited number of people able to make change to the system has a lot of bad to go wrong, especially when people stop caring for the community. But now the corruption from greed, hate and fear has spread to upper management of the major departments in big cities too. This is epidemic and no one is safe. It used to be media would report on these matters and there would be investigations and it would be a big deal. Now there is so much misconduct that society has become acclimated to hearing about such matters and there is no shock value, or they fantastically rationalize that somehow the victims deserved the mistreatment. Either way, it is less profitable for broadcasting as news.

A slight digression: For the first decade of my life, I grew up in a town that was rampant with narcotic use. I didn’t know then to what extent but found out later after moving away. I always knew to stay away from select neighborhoods because of their conditions. It was an old thread mill town with a bad heroin epidemic. You could find needles along the path between buildings in the downtown areas. I knew about drugs like heroin and how bad it was; the point is this: Whether heroin is illegal or not is of no concern to me. I’m simply educated enough to know it’s a burden and a health tax. Heroin being illegal certainly didn’t remove it from the environment, not while operations were underway by government assets to ship and distribute it to Hometown, USA; that’s another argument. Obviously the goal of ‘The War’ is less about curbing behavior and more about growing an enforcement organization.

We are now faced with an occupying force in the executive branch that controls hundreds of billions of shadow assets, is backed by foreign banking interests, capable of buying every single person in the legislative branch by favor or overt coercion. We have private contractors operating under secretive quasi-military clearances throughout various American cities, the constitutional basis of law is openly voided by the NAU agreement, the country is divided into FEMA regions, in a quiet state of emergency, under martial law, with an illegal CIA shill dictator ruling under rhetoric of democracy, meanwhile churning out executive orders unrelated to public legislation. And we have managed to piss off every single country on the planet by either invading them or ignoring their sovereignty in another manner. The worst part of this is the establishment repeatedly lied successfully to most of its population, and convinced some they want tyranny.

Congratulations America! This is the wild west. Law is no more. There is only force. Surviving in the wake of the suspension of common law will be an achievement. From what I know of history my advice is as follows:

Educate yourself about water filtration, basic nutrition and natural remedies to common conditions. Have a small stockpile of healthy food, and learn some about gardening in this age of depleted and contaminated soil. Stay clear of seasonal vaccinations, they’re sold for profit and weaken your immune system. Arm yourself. Find at least one rifle system, not too exotic, and learn it. Go to ranges, learn how to proficiently operate your weapon. Repetition will build confidence. Find someone that reloads ammunition and set up an arrangement if you can’t buy the ammo you need. Make allegiances with many people (not involved in government) that you can trust. Study tradecraft, social triggers (persuasion and dual meanings), cryptography, and message handling; discuss and employ these techniques with your allegiances. Learn not to rely on digital technology, as it will always be used against the public before it’s used to their benefit. Stay out of the crosshairs of government and away from the justice system. Keep family close because sometimes that is all that can help you. If you can avoid it, don’t live in large cities. Plan an exit strategy from your residence and out of town in case of an emergency. Find a supplemental source of cash income that you can avoid declaring to be taxed. Barter as much as possible, favors for favors and product for product. Follow the golden rule of conduct; free yourself from the anxiety of following every written law, rule and ordinance. Ignore their tyranny as your safety persists.

It will likely take several years to organize, especially when it concerns building trust relationships, but I believe there is another decade of despotic incrementalism before a critical mass of support is reached for a successful revolt toward restoring balance. I hope some can find this editorial helpful. I do care about all of us. I want as many people as possible to understand the dangers we face as a nation. Things are bad, and I believe they’re going to get worse, but we will see our way through this when we educate ourselves and unite in purpose.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Legislative changes are unavoidable in a democracy. People who are content with their current liberties feel they can do nothing and maintain comforts while people who aim to remove freedoms are busy organizing and voting. This is the nature and relationship between people and democracy. It’s a practice of mild authoritarianism distributed across the doers of a society. The remaining population relaxes and allows the will of the doers to become law; finding their freedoms incrementally diminished. Such is the explanation of the decline of apathetic societies containing decadent folks. Dictators and active participants of the legislative processes set the rule, and the rest get the stick. So it’s important to understand the reasoning why an inalienable standard of law and liberty among all people should be enforced and defended. Because democracy is a parasite that always kills its host.

Certainly the democratic process works for a reasonable amount of time. Societies have always felt comfortable with the idea and practice of voting for an outcome that would impact their environment. On the surface it sounds like a really good solution to determine the future of changes. But this system, like any system, is no exception to fallibility by the will of hackers. Psychologists have proven that when people are presented with a problem, more often than not, they will take the easy way out of it. The government complex has understood this human weakness for centuries and incrementally polarized the democratic process between two targets; republicans or democrats (Red vs. Blue). Both groups are “parties”; exactly as they are called, neither have any real critical thinkers among them and cannot function individually. Even if someone did, they will discredit their own if one goes outside partisanship. Ultimately, there has to be a manager for each party that sets the direction based on polling and the public atmosphere. Don’t misunderstand what I mean here. I’m simply saying both parties work together and the polling information is important to reformat Red and Blue talking points to effectively divide the nation. All of this is designed by the will of the corrupt.

Back to the psychology problem.. The voting systems of this time exploit the human inclination to choose easier solutions by having what they call a “Straight Party Vote”. This is effectively the easy-out for people that know very little of the candidates, yet wish to “GO VOTE” because it’s their right. Yes, people can actually go to the voting machine and hit a button marked ‘Vote Democrat’ and their ballot is automatically filled out. This practice betrays everything that is good about choice. What good is making choices if you have not a clue about the effects of your actions, or if your voting options are limited to horrible candidates. Choices between ones that don’t listen and ones that always lie aren’t real choices. If you wouldn’t vote for any of the selections, then perhaps the democratic process isn’t working for you. And I haven’t even begun to discuss the rampant fraud of these systems, the absence of real representation or the threat of corrupting forces. I will speak of these later.

Another common oversight with the democratic process is that people vote for what they want, and don’t concern themselves with the wants of others. This is a core flaw with the collectivist model. Being selfish is one thing but imposing your will on your neighbor is definitely repressive. Here’s a simple argument. If you don’t like guns, don’t own one. The moment you vote against the freedom of your neighbors to make those decisions for themselves is the day you become illiberal; undemocratic and restraining the freedom of others. The obvious irony of this particular argument is that the party calling themselves the “Democratic Party” champions the illegal action to disarm Americans; removing the public ability to choose for themselves. That’s not freedom. It is, however, the motions of authoritarians evolving toward totalitarianism. In fact, the majority of the effects of the legislative process is shockingly undemocratic regardless of party.

There is no solution to this problem. Democracy is still a collectivist model and will always bring societal ruin unless it is limited in how it is applied. Gee whiz, if only we had a masterful governing document written by the people that allowed all people particular unalienable rights while limiting the legislative powers of the senate and congress as well as the authority of the executive branch. That would be something I’d want to read.


-Jeremy Edward Dion


Digital Media Addiction

In this article I am not discussing Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) or Social Media Addiction (SMA) because I believe these to be not as broad in meaning. “Digital Media” refers to all things electronic using a binary communication schema; this is really the focus of the article.

Digital Media Addiction

People are saturated by media and moved by others in many different directions; granting themselves little time for developing individual thought, or even supporting their own arguments. Instead of focusing on one topic for a reasonable amount of time, the media of popular attention is flooded with the disposable responses of a thoughtless social structure. This has happened to such a point that a whole generational trend of internet users has risen, whose only application is to add controversy to any given topic instead of engaging in meaningful debate and conversation. I believe trolls and the practice of trolling is a waste of time outside of generating traffic for the content. People will even brag about their ability to create reactions in the atmosphere surrounding any given topic of a social arena. People who wish to discuss events in a genuine manner will always have to deal with the people who won’t. This is the epidemic effect I have witnessed over the past decade of Digital Media Addiction (DMA).

I used to struggle with DMA but I think I’m doing better now. I’ve spent more time on video games and following digital media than I care to disclose in detail. We all enjoy electricity and the benefit of its instant gratification possibilities. It’s a wonderful product but its misuse is easily overlooked. An overwhelming feeling of dependency can form from the constant use of any one thing. A healthy balance of use with any practice or product should be maintained, or at least pursued. I’m a believer that the internet and its social networks should be considered more like tools; engaged and utilized to achieve your immediate goal and then restored back to a state of rest in the toolbox. Today people speak about being lost without their cell phone, and young people think it’s a weird practice to engage each other in a more direct manner instead of just texting. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d still rather touch the ladies than tweet them. Understand that I’m not entirely rejecting social media; I merely want to keep a distance and maintain control of my information, privacy and consent. Few really know what they will want to do in the future, and I think it’s idiotic to ruin future possibilities by irreversibly exposing oneself in a single misguided self-exploitative mistake on social media. Far too often I see the young damaging their identity and credibility by trashing their consent and privacy. Information can be a weapon that knows no limitation of time and distance. And misguided decisions or lack of moral history can severely limit a person’s efficacy. What each of us make public as what we have said or done is important beyond what we can yet know. Meaning: It is wise to always be in control of the information you publish.

Each Facebook user is a social commodity. People are a marketable product. Usage of most popular social media sites includes a shrink-wrapped agreement to become a commodity to be sold and marketed. If there are ads on a site you use, the chances are you have agreed to waive your consent and privacy. If you don’t “go with the flow” and use social media as addictively as the rest, you may be limiting your present possibilities. But this isn’t necessarily bad. Being abnormal is simply defined as the antonym of normal (average, majority) behavior. It is quite average behavior to care less what contracts we click through as we use the various services of the internet. I certainly don’t read every word of these agreements. And the fact remains that the service provider will not haggle with the terms of service. You either have to agree or skip off. And if there is no directly overt attack against me for using the service, then I will weigh the pros and cons and likely decide to simply limit my exposure to the service. But it’s important to always remember the company does not care about any of its commodity users. We are all dollar signs of potential ad revenue.

Digital Media Needles

I abhor marketing and advertising. I suppose I know enough about each of the practices to realize its traps and limiting factors. Marketing is the persuasion of a potential client toward believing they need, or at least want, a given product or service. Marketing is very much like advertising as idealized and reinvented by the propagandist regime of Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov). “If you don’t want what we got, you haven’t been paying attention.” Thus is the essence of advertising at its worst. I want no part of marketing. I understand the idea of advertising as making information available so that people can make a more informed decision about a product or service. This practice can be annoying but is necessary for a number of obvious reasons. The transformation occurs when social media sites we’ve agreed to use, track our patterns and web history, then trade the information to specific advertisers that will individually manipulate each user into buying a specific product instead of informing people of options. Being directly marketed can be averted by: logging out of social media sites when you are finished using them, using search engines only when you’ve logged out of all your media sessions, closed any other services that you’ve agreed to allow track you in their ToS, and logged out of email when you use search and the rest of the internet.

All of that sounds like a Hell of an annoying protocol to practice, so it’s much easier to just ignore the marketing. That’s easy for someone like myself that is aware of the methods in which these technologies are used, but now I return from my digression and on to more of the point of this article.. The young are stupid, inexperienced and manipulated by even simple advertising. This is why there are people who have gone through the entire series of every single iPhone release, android version or other hot item of the month. They are slaves to their DMA. Many consumers have spent money in this reckless manner and refuse to acknowledge this as an obsessive disorder; there is certainly no company with a product to sell that will support this argument. People don’t want to be told they have a problem, they just want it to disappear by filling the void with the digital amusement of their choice, further supporting their addiction. It’s pretty bad when people are interfaced with a screen all day, plugged into Facebook updating their digital identity; meanwhile the cats need to be fed, dogs let out, house should get cleaned, boxes sorted through, food cooked, household members spoken to, or should go for a walk or do something physical to relieve stress.

The extent of my social media networking is a Twitter account I check maybe four times a week. I also still play a bit of video games and watch movies in the evening. The rest of my usage of the internet is primarily research for my writing. I still use digital media more than I want to, but it is on my terms. I feel that my skin hue is too white because I should spend more time outside interfacing with live people during the day. I live ten miles from a sizeable beach and I haven’t had my feet in its sand in years, that’s a shame. However, I am aware of my behavior and that empowers me to change. I seek to make others aware of this addiction, so that they too can be apt toward positive changes. It’s best to unplug and remove our shoes to feel the Earth beneath our feet from time to time. I believe the longer people remain disconnected from direct interaction, the more likely they are to be overwhelmed by bad habits and neglect significant deficiencies of the self. It is important to end this article by highlighting I am not passing judgment on others for their behavior; I’m more so speaking with a mindful aversion of repeating personal experience.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Words. Words are all people know of me. It is all anyone can define of another. My words have been dark, and for that I apologize. I’m not known as a man of action. I haven’t done really anything. I’m not even that well a writer because I don’t read much of others work. Words are a lonely expression of your mind, or it feels that way for me. When I’m feeling morose, I think of the weather tomorrow and how sunny it will be in the future. I don’t look at forecasts because I need this surprise. I don’t want to know what tomorrow brings. I lack excitement and why would anyone want to take that away from someone else? I don’t care if it rains or shines, I will do whatever I want when tomorrow births. I will walk around Lake Busbee in pouring rain if that is what I need to make me feel something genuine. It’s hard to distinguish rain from tears. The sky water flows right through me to ground me in reality.

I realize the pitfalls of living without a plan. Accepting responsibility for oneself is paramount for a fruitful lifestyle. I’m not at all confused about who and where I am. I just have to learn how to ignore myself when confronted with evidence of possible risk. I feel I’ve lost more from avoidance than I could ever be harmed from engagement. And now I see the reflection of someone I thought never could have existed. I have certainly been surprised by this weather.

At some point, I will radically alter my behavior. I will be in more direct control of assets and what I allow to become my tomorrow. When I begin taking an interest in forecasts, that will be the beginning of a radical change. Weather is ultimately trivial, and for me to be so calculating and informed, means I will be taking an interest in designing an outcome. Currently, I remain illiterate to forecasts. Crystal balls are for planners, and I’m going to ride out this excitement until I’m challenged beyond my capacity to escape it.

I may have intentionally induced a fevered mind tonight by imbibing 350 ml of wine. It serves as a method to force a state of mind to expel demons. These insecurities have been trolling in my wake since I’ve been in this vessel. If I don’t publish the mind I won’t work out the problem. I must become the destructor of my inhibition. Fear is my most common emotion to avoid. The courageous are well acquainted with fear and have success with enduring its assault. Fear isn’t a new town. Fear is more like a new dentist. You don’t know how much of a sadist a new dentist will turn out to be. At one point while I’m being prodded I look directly into their eyes and think, am I going to have to endure this one’s barbarity?

[image of myself is missing for unknown reasons]

There is a deep sadness with how I perceive myself. I once thought so highly of myself. I was secretly arrogant; a silent egotist. I played a modest air to me and was confident in my ability. In recent years I’ve caught myself practicing true arrogance, stepping beyond my once well-defined boundary of confidence and into that place of egotistical desperation. I had to prove to others something; anything. Now I’m just a broken man because I’ve allowed myself to be compromised by what I think is distasteful. I blame myself. I am the cause of my sum. It will ever only be upon my shoulders to increase my value. To claim otherwise would be irresponsible. Look at who I’ve become from where I’ve been. A photo can capture a lot about your childhood, but it will never tell your future. To compare yourself to an old photo is fatuous. You will learn only regret of what could have been. And regret is only useful for the purpose of admonishing us of past faults. Do not carry regret toward new goals.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

For The Age of The Days

A poem for the age of the days

Elevated risk
Distrust and regret
Planning for planners
Panning for niche

All we want is gold
When all is repeated
Her purity holds
Normalcy restored

The dangers of hope
Reality a biting dose
A constant sting
Consistently clinging

We are to fault
For failing each other
Our borders limitation
But the mind willing

We want love
Drug of the ageless
Shower of redemption
Sharing to pieces

The times are short
Falling from cliffs edge
Testing our wisdom
Teasing the seasoned

Carting this burden
Truth a heavy ore
Obscured with dirt
Surveyed soullessly

Quarry of fraternity
Vacant of morals
Lusts for potential
Obsessed with death

Children still playing
Blissfully unknown
Hiding from God
Father is building

We always want more
Sing from the heart
Burning of souls
Or decidedly not

Our choice of freedom
Shaded design fades
Accepting of truth
Hail storm of plays

Light willing heart chilling
The fray commences
Life lost loving
Tears unburdened

Calmness prevails
Cold sea of corpses
Rising with each wave
Sinking in times waste

Cheering felt among silence
Heart of pang subsiding
Skies of clearing blue
Living beyond ensign

Now we know freedom
Love without limit
Caring not cursing
Absence of heathens

This but a wish
A sight of sublime
Prayer of thyself
My poem of the time

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Halloween’s Cool Fear

Creepy Manor

Something creeps this Halloween.
Hounds growl from shadow as whistling prowls wind.
A heart beats and stops a single breath.
Darkness grip felt and seen.
This cool air from elsewhere than night.
Dim grey light falls on old manors.
Children accompany kin to dare onward.
The witch watching as nearing approach.
Latent warm blooded courage now cooling fear.
A nostril flare of iron rusted hair.
From corner leaps imaginary beast.
Mind in fright captures its jagged teeth.
Snarling and tearing across sights scene.
The body fails command as legs be still.
Children gone missing this night. Halloween.

-Jeremy Edward Dion