Kelly Thomas, Killed for Being Human

You have to really hate someone to beat them into a coma. What was the previous relationship between the murderers and Kelly Thomas? Obviously, you wouldn’t murder someone in this way if you didn’t hate them. So how did this happen? Kelly Thomas was killed out of hate for being human; certainly more human than his murderers.


I’ve stated this before but I think it should be restated today and underlined. A thug is a thug. No matter what the thug wears, what authority they claim to possess, how much training they’ve received, who their friends are, or which shiny badge they’re sporting; a thug will always be a thug. Former officers Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos are worse than average thugs, they’re meatheads. These murderers are a great example of the worst cops could become just before a total system collapse into anarchy.

Regardless of all circumstances, if one or more individuals with instruments can beat to death an unarmed individual they just confronted, and then be acquitted of the appropriate criminal charges; then we are living in the likeness of an anarchic transition. At this point, the same can happen to anyone, by anyone. But be warned, groups of people still possessing a moral sense of justice will seek you out for your crime, regardless of paper law. Moral law must always supersede paper law. The evidence is a clear and audible video of multiple gang members savagely beating a victim, even beyond the victims surrender and subsequent cries for help. The man is beat into a coma and later dies at the hospital.

You must understand, that at the first sign of violent assault by the officers, they’re no longer within the protective realm of “peace officer”. The cops have now morally fired themselves from active duty, engaged in criminal activity and became a gang-related threat with a giant tactical advantage against Kelly Thomas. And a threat of such magnitude must be either evaded or met with equal force. Naturally, the victim (being unarmed) tried to flee because he is outmatched. This is the natural and correct action to take when attacked by multiple thugs, but they quickly tackled Kelly Thomas and proceeded to beat him into a coma. Meathead thug cops like these are trained to do exactly this. They would have to be because they were acquitted. They could only be acquitted if it was decided they followed protocol. Meaning, if they did more than what they were legally able to do, they should have been found guilty. But they went far outside any moral protocol, and anyone outside the protection of the shiny metal shield gang would not get away with a murder carried out in this manner. This is called a double standard. And if the state is the perpetrator of the double standard, then the state is illegal. Cops are not to be given any liberty that civilians cannot already exercise. And by that logic; anyone can now approach, intimidate, initiate force, and beat to death anyone else without fear of conviction by that states justice system. But remember, the system will cherry-pick its convictions, and there lies the double standard. So we’ve deduced that the state is only operating in the interest of the shiny metal shield gang, not the public. Anarchy, under this ruling, is now the only way to achieve justice. That being discovered, we should discuss the transition period of anarchy.

During a time of anarchy, there are still moral laws to follow unless we welcome rampant murder and chaos. If you, as an individual with your severe lack of detection and communication skills, cause the death of someone you’ve just encountered, then you may be met with swift punishment. You should at least be removed from the land and exiled from the community because you are a danger to the public if you can’t encounter people without beating on them. This is how these matters used to be handled in simpler forms of society, which we now seem to be heading toward. Proven murderers of such an obvious fashion were just put to death in the older forms of governance, and usually in public in gruesome fashion. So keep that in mind if you decide to engage in the practice of anarchy. A strong example of punishment of what happens to those that step outside the moral code of law has always been the deterrent against thuggery. I believe that in a liberal society, thuggery is increased because the punishment becomes weaker. It’s arguable whether a life of imprisonment is worse than death but there is a conflict of interest against societal justice when there is a prison industrial complex lobbying legislators and buying the judicial system. Everyone is imprisoned for minor infractions and fewer are executed for severe crimes. And if you’re an organized motorized armed gang, you can get away with murder.

There is a method of survival against these types of meathead thugs. Method one, Groveling: Appealing to the ego of the thug is simple if you care not for your honor. The meathead thug mentality must feel that your will is nonexistent or inferior to theirs. You must give them your full attention, act ashamed of yourself, and display a cowering or otherwise non-threatening posture. As long as you appeal to the ego of the meathead simpleton, you can manipulate them like tools. Method two, Standing your ground: By all means do not make a “stand of character” against the meathead thug archetype unless you are well groomed and look like you could know someone in legislative government. Gangs are all about social connections, so you have to keep your possible ties to his superiors a mystery. The shiny metal shield gang is an organized motor gang that is also a strong gun club; and you paid for it. This gang is extremely dangerous. As we’ve seen in the Kelly Thomas case; this gang can confront you, start a fight, multiply in numbers, and ultimately kill you. They are then acquitted of all charges. This verdict is either a testament to the diminished moral judgment of a handful of groupthink Californians, or a strong example of jury tampering and systematic corruption. Hmm.. Both.

Kelly Thomas

Any reprisal for the sake of moral justice would have to come at the hands of those that are at a loss. The family would have to set a bounty on those that were involved in the slaying of Kelly Thomas. Mercenaries and paramilitary types are excellent at these types of specialized jobs, and they certainly do operate on US soil. I’m not condoning anything illegal, rather a moral reaction could be expected to occur. Perhaps the family members would start a Bitcoin bounty fund that could be transferred as payment upon completion of desired tasks. The blatant display of corruption has really struck a nerve in the core of society, and I don’t think this false government will endure much longer. I feel that soon people will start taking moral justice into their own hands. At which point the state will respond the only way it knows how and call in more force, and that will accelerate toward total outright dissolution of what little republic government remains. We will have anarchy with spots of oppression, communities of secretive civilians, tyranny from totalitarians trying to hold on to whatever power they think they have, and after years of chaos and suffering, we’ll have a type of reformation of like individuals, and then hopefully a reset to core moral values backed by a new republic with common law respect for fellow sovereign peoples. But all of this cannot come without our strong and forceful dissent against corruption first. It is my nature to know the state of the world now, and this is where I estimate we’re headed.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


The Negligent Majority

the negligent majorityI think I’ve written enough of these serious articles. I don’t see a future in writing about anything beyond pie recipes, bicycling, applying makeup properly, food trends, drawing guinea pigs, duck-hunting hillbillies, walking barefoot in snow, hacking a toaster, or poetry. Certainly poetry is important for cultural self-expression but these other topics are meat-grinder tripe called filler fluff pieces. And with the rampant “Collective ADHD” people have so warmly embraced as an excuse to be nearly retarded and display repulsive undisciplined behavior, these filler fluff pieces are the extent of what their degenerate brains will comprehend. So the general mass of mobile meat bags only read and write these easy articles. As a result, the general mass is lazy or unfit to employ a critical thinking process and it’s no mystery why they support malevolent or inept individuals to represent them… They themselves are either malevolent or inept; perhaps the general mass is represented appropriately after all.

However, it is unfortunate people refuse to see the danger they have put themselves and others in. Trust is not to be given freely, and certainly not to government. This practice extends far beyond naivety into negligence. There is more than enough information available on the corrupt nature of government and those that seek control, and to ignore the history is to murder the future. The majority population is decadent and either ignorant or irresponsible, but more likely all of the above. Most are simply uninformed of the true nature of things and won’t endeavor to educate themselves. They are too busy self-medicating and surfing or participating in brainwashing exercises.

There is something wrong with the public body when all of 19 adults approached near a coin shop will not trade $25 dollars for a verifiable 1 ounce gold coin. This fact displays a significant lack of modern day values. If I didn’t have the cash, I would sell my watch and the shirt off my back to take that deal. Take a flaming match to a gold coin and see what happens, then take another flaming match to a $50 dollar note and observe the result. Only one of them lasts, and you are mentally ill if you can’t determine which will survive the trial of time.

My ultimate point is this: If I’m going to continue being a writer, I’m going to have to start publishing filler fluff pieces too. I’ll have to suppress my real interests for articles about current events, politics, values, honor, critical thinking, and logic; and instead entice my audience with tripe about implants, tattoos, piercings, gigantic soda drinks, sports players, bling, sex, uses for strawberries, and video game guides.

So I won’t be writing regularly to Logicalmynd unless I absolutely can’t suppress a topic of real importance. Most of my published works now will be the garbage people read, but it still won’t be found here. I’ll most likely post them elsewhere under a metro-sexual pseudonym whose biography describes itself as an ADHD pill-popping socially-networked energy drink pounding shameless monster of a person-like being. I’ve discovered these are the types of writers the public values. So to Hell with logic and decency. It’s pointless to inform people on the state of the world; they don’t care to know it. Perhaps in a century people will be interested in knowing what it was like today, but since our educational system adopts a rewritten history at the command of government Common Core Standards, I see little purpose in writing a journal of what will someday be a refuted and controversial past. It will only serve to confuse students if the work even survives a century of censorship.

I bid thee farewell. I hope more of us wake up before we kill each other.

Or: I have written this entire article in satire as an example of the time people waste writing and reading drivel. You be the judge. If you’ve received any real information from this article that may alter how you perceive the world or your decision making, then perhaps your time wasn’t better spent watching It’s Always Sunny.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Of Fifty Years Past

John F KennedyFifty years ago today, a group from the Central Intelligence Agency, colluding with elements in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and using assets loyal to the military industrial complex, executed their final move of a 2 month long campaign to hijack the nation from the citizenry and lay a groundwork of lies for a New World Order; thus solidifying a future of mass corruption. I am, of course, referring to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Prior to that day, no one could have believed an attack so blatant followed by an equally evident cover-up could have been accepted by the people. Blind patriotism and national pride must have been servicing disbelief pretty strong for people to let the dirty deeds of their government go unpunished.

It is unfortunate evil prospers in darkness, but JFK’s death was a turning point for the consciousness of the American people. Although the plan was plotted in darkness, it was executed in the light, and this is ultimately a win for truth. A fouled-up coup operation had never been so thoroughly documented and recorded before then. Here was concrete evidence of the corruption everyone knew existed. Even in that time, with a bit of logical investigative procedure, there was no denying a conspiracy that inundated all branches of the government. To have botched an assassination so poorly, followed-up by a clown commission of individuals that have their fingers in all the right pies, could not have come at a worse time for the rogue establishment. This was the planting of the seed that would grow into today’s severe distrust and hatred of our nation’s occupation by criminal collectivists and their banking cartels. If it weren’t for their weakness of arrogance on that day, and operating in the light, many would not be so critical of government. I can’t help but to smile at thinking, they that wish to remain in shadow have crafted their own destruction by losing their façade; because evil cannot survive in the light. As more people tune-in to the truth, the area of shadow decreases, and more evil spills into the light to be defeated.

Evil regularly wins the battle of each age, but truth seekers win the wars. To know the facts of a matter is to have the advantage. I believe you cannot truly be defeated if you know the facts and have a fair and good will toward others. That is the goal of liberty; to live a moral, decent and prosperous life, while maintaining your ability to choose otherwise. Denying anyone the ability to know or seek truth, is to go to war against free people. And you should expect hostile reactions when you oppress others with lies and fear.

I would not be surprised if a technologically advanced repeat of the events of 50 years past were to play out today. A half century of lies bottled-up can do much damage if it gets uncorked emotionally. Hundred year plans often hold enthusiasm for anniversaries. I’m just saying.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

Federal Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown today. This is wholly a great event, but it resulted in the closing of Trail Ridge road. Highway 7 is presently the only way out of Estes Park. This reflects extremely poor planning by the Colorado state government. I can’t help but to feel this is happening by design. Now if only something were to happen to Highway 7, we’d be locked in. The flooding disaster has closed the three canyons leading out of the mountains to the eastern valley. The state of emergency has sent military activity into the surrounding areas. The government shutdown has closed the national parks and access to the western slope. There is only one exit and I’m starting to feel defensive about my security.

Poor management of the nation is to blame for the government shutdown. The president, Obama, is acting as a spoiled child; taking his toys away because we won’t play with them how he thinks we should. He’s in danger of retiring like a presidential Kennedy. Perhaps the puppeteers are planning something at this very moment. We’ll see.

I immediately realized the rational fix to the logistical problems caused by the federal shutdown. I propose all the unemployed federal employees organize and request their respective state governments to invoke positions that replace the federal positions for their state. Simply ignore the government employer, which is effectively on strike, and find another source to pay you for your job. A national park should be managed by state employees anyway. Don’t change jobs, just change employers. A great many number of jobs would be better managed and aptly funded by the states in which they reside. Pay far less federal taxes and slightly raised state taxes, problem solved. If you’re a park ranger or manager, go to your governor and request to have jurisdiction of the national parks and respective duties to be transferred to the state government in which they lie. We don’t need federally employed individuals managing state assets. It’s inefficient and poorly budgeted.

What do you do when your employees go on strike but you must stay in business? You fire the strikers and hire replacements for the same jobs. The situation with the federal government shutdown is the same, only reversed. The employer has gone on strike. Fire the employer and find a replacement. Your job doesn’t change, only who pays you. This is a chance for the states to take back their rightly apportioned powers. But this would be an extremely rational and logical thing to do, so it probably won’t happen because even our state governments are mostly managed by the inept. I think I’m good at finding solutions to these types of problems. I’m beginning to think about participating in public office to assist in deregulation and returning asset management back to state residents.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

9/11 Fear Propaganda, Revisited

Tell Lie VisionIt was Saturday August 24, 2013. I was riding along with my mother out to a FedEx shipping center in Greeley, Colorado to pick up a package that wouldn’t have made it to the cabin until Monday. There was a national bike race headed through the area that day and all packages to Estes Park and Allenspark were flagged undeliverable.

After hours of driving and being forced to take improvised exits and back roads, we arrive at the FedEx center. It’s an unassuming beige metal and concrete building surrounded by fields of nothing. The facility itself had a medium-sized parking lot that seemed it could accommodate thirty cars but only had about six parked. The building is encircled by a tall iron fence that would be difficult to scale without a ladder. There is a concrete walkway from the parking lot that leads to a camera surveilled security checkpoint terminal positioned to the right of a caged turnstyle. We pressed a call button on the terminal and were buzzed through, unlocking the turnstyle. Now inside the fence, we walked directly across a small paved road that circled the building to another concrete walkway and a windowless door with a keypad and about 20 multicolored signs plastered all over and around the door informing you of site restrictions. With so many negative messages; it was very uninviting. No Firearms, No Smoking, No Sudden Movements, No Unattended Packages, No Shady Beggars, No Free Thinking! Whatever. Not a single sign instructed you what could be done. Looking to the left, I noticed the walkway continued to a more inviting door with no signs whatsoever, and the door had windows near it. This usually means there is an office near, that must be it. We head over to the friendly door, open and step inside. We’re now standing in what appears to be a hallway checkpoint trap area with security glass to the left that looks into an unpopulated office area and a hefty glass door six feet in front of us that must enter into that area. We proceed through the glass door. We’re greeted by an attractive studious looking girl in her mid-twenties and an older lady. We mentioned we had called earlier and were there to pick up the package. While that business was unfolding,
I said, “This place is more secure than some prisons.”
To which, the young girl of about 25 replied, “We have to be since 9/11.”
The older woman remained on task and silent.

I was awestruck. I let out an exaggerated “Okay…” and remained silent until the end of the transaction. I thought to myself, ‘Is she for real? This is Colorado in the middle of nowhere. How is this a tactical target? This is FedEx, not a water processing plant or a crucial service pipeline.’ There was a moment immediately afterward that I hated her for her uneducated response. I was disgusted by what she said. She was easy on the eyes but may have no thoughts of her own behind those now seemingly less-attractive eyes. That was the dumbest phrase I’ve heard in months. It upset me because I didn’t know if that was a FedEx-Corporate programmed response, or if she really thought that a Muslim extremist terror cell in Colorado would possibly select their facility as a target or base of operations for staging Colorado attacks.

Then I remembered she is 25′ish. She would have been 13 during the 2001 demolition of the three New York Trade Center buildings, the missile strike that hit the closed portion of The Pentagon and the bodiless plane debris that was dumped in a fresh ditch in Pennsylvania. She would not have yet developed any critical thinking or validating research process. Those skills often only develop for dedicated students during college projects, and it’s even a flip of the coin if an individual develops those skills at all. The thirteen year old most likely ate up the fear propaganda served by the popular media outlets, the misinformation from her parents and the fabricated history from her government controlled school. And to top it all off, she probably later voted for Obama, twice, solely because he’s a tall thin black man with very little political history that preaches “Change!”

I’m telling this story because I wanted to highlight that the fear campaign and false flags perpetrated by the black operation assets of the US Government have surely succeeded in ensnaring the average compartmentalized neo-yuppie workforce employee in a net of fear and lies. Also, there are people that actually believe that their government doesn’t lie to them. More so, that if the government did lie, it would be for the benefit of the citizenry.

I will say this now.


However; I assure you that the Thought Police exist and they’re in your television, your food, your schools, and your medication. The events of September 11, 2001 were part of a scientific model of control, utilizing the basic emotions to steer and manipulate public opinion. Many fell victim that day, not just those our government murdered in New York. A lot of you lost your free will and were robbed of much truth the following years. I am sad that so many relatively innocent people can be so easily trapped by lies and fear. I blame the lack of minerals or vitamins in their food. I blame their medications. I blame their entertainment choices. I blame their faith in government. And most of all, I blame them. I have become bitter to these types of people. I can’t stand their senseless babbling of slogans and packaged rhetoric. They disgust me, but I’m working at turning that into a more positive useful emotion or energy. I wish to help them but spending a day explaining the state of the world to every idiot I meet is a waste of time better spent staring off into space, because that’s their reaction when engaging idiots on these matters.

Have a happy and informative False Flag Day! Go read a book.
I suggest Plato’s The Republic or Orwell’s 1984.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


Force is a Fist

Force is the barrel of a gun.
Keeping your head down and never looking them in the eye.
Force is a uniform without ears; never listening to reason.
Never focusing on the trivial and always making progress.
Force is Irrational, Angry and selfish.
An early retired boxer coming home from the plant
To a house full of kids with a parentless future.
Force is ignorance with a raised fist; a failed government.

-Jeremy Edward Dion

When Idiots Design Security

security shieldI can remember the days when an internet company provided a service that was designed to hold your identity intact unless you chose otherwise. Personal security wasn’t an issue because identity was well contained by proper security design. All you had was a username and password to access the service. There were no easy-outs, email identities, password hints, security questions, or user names that were identical to your email address. All of these so-called features were added because of the numerous complaints by idiots losing their usernames and passwords. Some of those were legitimate idiots and some of those were asshole hackers socially engineering information from customer support. This was the beginning of a trend in security schemes that would slowly destroy online anonymity and security. It is the progressive agenda.

I control sixteen email addresses. Most require different passwords but there are chunks of emails that use similar low security passwords. I use those low-security emails on low security sites for registration. This way, I’m not compromising anything I care about. Keeping up with all these email identities can be difficult so I have a password file; written in code and encrypted with a passphrase. I’ve accumulated these addresses over the years because the idiot agenda to make everything easier for users was compromising proper security practices. Every time I would encounter a service that demanded I use my email address for a login, I would go create a new email address. Using your only one identifiable email address as a login for some stupid service you may only need to use a few times is like throwing your identity information into a low security den of thieves. That service, which may even be compromised, is going to want a password too. Since you’re already supplying your email as a login, it’s not a far stretch for users to supply the same damn password that they would if they were logging into their email. Boom, an instant security nightmare. It might be easier for the user, but it’s also easier for a hacker to relate and compromise your account when they’ve already got your email address and you’re throwing around your password across low security services over under-encrypted channels. So use a different password. Fine, but people still know that you use that service because your one and only email address is the login information to their database; there is no anonymity.

My issue with security questions is that they’re just another password field, but a low security password because they give you hints that often relate to public knowledge. “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Are you kidding me? My mother knows that information! My friend knows that information! Hell, the DMV knows that information! Hackers compromise more accounts by answering stupid public knowledge questions than any other way. Idiots came up with this giant security hole. “What was your first car?” Ridiculous. The best way to deactivate this often forced security hole to an account you’re setting up is to supply a string of random characters (another password), but make sure to write it down somewhere. By all means, do not use truthful answers to these questions! It’s a welcoming mat for anyone with a bit of knowledge of your past, and the Feds know it all. Again; designed by idiots or assholes.

How about linking your personal phone number to your email address? No. I’m not doing that. Like I want the Feds, or anyone else, to have that information, know that it’s linked to that online identity, and use it against me somehow. If you’re someone I care about then you know my real name and you probably have my number. Otherwise, you can look it up in one of the many third-party databases that I have not given permission to use. Good luck with that. There is no trust relationship with the services you sign up for. Read the terms of service! They are not liable for any information you supply. Your data is in their servers, they own it, and they will do whatever they damn well please with it. They word agreements as if they care about your privacy, but they’re have to say those things otherwise users wouldn’t trust to use their services. It has always been this way. Why would you think it would be better than this? It always gets worse.

biometric thumbBiometrics are really good at keeping people out of your account, but it absolutely ties your personal identity to that account. So you will not want to use biometric security on an account that you use as a dead drop for questionable material or anything the government may in the future deem illegal or questionable activity. These may not be concerns the average idiot has, but I’m reading the signs of what’s around the corner and I want nothing to do with biometric verification schemes.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay anonymous on the internet. There is a whole generation of people who “have nothing to hide”, and have embraced the ultimately stupid practice of connecting their accounts together. Democracy is majority rule, and sadly the internet is populated by idiots and assholes. They make the rules. They are the ones that will implement the “no-security” scheme of future systems. I can understand them making this mistake, they’re young and naive idiots. They have no security or privacy, and they probably don’t believe they deserve any; the poor programmed and restricted youth. These are people who believe liars, people who vote, people who vote for Obama; such an obvious liar. That is sad. I have plenty to hide. I’m very security-wealthy and I enjoy privacy. I don’t want my every idea and tweet geo-located. I use encryption and Tor, travel around, buy questionable items on the internet, and visit places I wouldn’t want people to know I visit. And I do all this using aliases because I watched the idiots implement this false-security model for over two decades.

I’m not in this to win a popularity contest. I don’t care about followers. I’m not an egotist, however, I do value reputation and honor. It’s worth protecting because it can’t be physically removed from you. The internet is a tool, not a community. A lot of people don’t realize this and fall victim to the trap. They believe it’s a safe environment that’s very accepting, kind of like another parent. It’s not your mama or dada, folks! It’s a series of systems interconnected transmitting electrical patterns. It’s a solid environment of silicon, silver and gold; but it may feel like a community because of all the like-minded idiots using the systems.

You have to take control of your identity and security or someone else will. They will sell you down the rabbit hole until there is nothing left that is truly yours. Identities are commodities; traded like every other commodity. Change your methods. Don’t embrace the idiot agenda and don’t trust assholes.

The paramount worst security nightmare of an email service is Yahoo. From Yahoo’s increase in so-called security measures, it’s resulted in locking legitimate security-conscious people out of their accounts, even when they supply the password. Yet they allow trivial easy access for anyone to accounts of people who supplied accurate responses to security questions.

When Yahoo first implemented the security question scheme, it was for people who forgot their passwords. Since I was never going to forget my passwords, and I realized this was a security hole; I supplied a string of random characters as the answer to their questions. I would never have to remember that information because I would never forget my password. A few years ago, Yahoo began asking those security questions, even if the correct password was supplied. That is a break in their original agreement. I argued this point with their support staff and they hung up on me because they’re liable for breaking their own security scheme, and they know it. They ask for your security questions if they “don’t recognize the device you’re signing in from”. Well, I travel around. The result: A security-conscious individual like myself gets locked out of two of his low-security Yahoo accounts because he doesn’t have the string of random characters written down for his security questions.

Even if you know your password, if you do not know your security question password; you’re locked out. In fact, all you have to know is the answer to a security question and you’re in. That is why Yahoo is the worst email provider ever, and known for the worst security on the net. They punish security-conscious individuals, while allowing idiots or assholes trivial access to everything. It’s a very “progressive” agenda designed to allow easy access to accounts for federal spying programs from legislation like the Patriot Act and NDAA. But progress toward idiocy isn’t positive. If you don’t have the option of privacy, you don’t have freedom.

-Jeremy Edward Dion


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